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Product Aftercare from Brackenwood

Brackenwood offers a range of high quality products for the home and a fully comprehensive and extensive range of Guarantees. To ensure the Guarantees are maintained for the duration of the Guarantee period it is essential that good housekeeping and basic maintenance procedures are carried out by the customer.

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How PVCu Reacts in Hot Weather

In very high temperatures you may notice that your PVCu windows and/or doors become stiff to open and close.  This is entirely normal for PVCu; the products do not need replacing or repairing nor have they been incorrectly fitted. confirms that, at 40oC, PVCu can expand by up to 2.4cm:

This is a perfectly natural occurrence and the issue will disappear once the outside temperature cools down.

If you find that you cannot wait for the temperature to drop before closing your windows/doors, you can cool them down by spraying the outside with cold water, or by applying a cold damp cloth.  This will have the effect of shrinking the material back down to its normal size.  It is preferable for you to use this method rather than forcing the items to close in their swollen state.

If you only experience these issues during extreme weather temperatures, Brackenwood do not need to send an engineer out to make adjustments.  If the problem does not correct itself once the outside temperature drops we can assist with adjustments and advice.  In this event, please telephone 01256 866166 or e-mail

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