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If the Foundations of Your Existing Patio Are Strong and Deep Enough, You Can Build a Conservatory on a Patio.

Conservatories are generally fairly light structures, but they require strong, deep and durable foundations. If you are considering building a new conservatory on your existing patio, you will need to have the foundations assessed to see if they are suitable to support your conservatory structure.

It may be that you can lay a new foundation on top of your existing patio to support your conservatory properly; these are typically made from concrete, wooden or steel frames, which help to protect the conservatory from future damage. Another option would be to consider a suspended floor or concrete slabs, which are insulated to help protect the thermal efficiency of your conservatory.

Brackenwood’s highly experienced craftsmen are specially trained to inspect your patio foundations and assess whether they are suitable for conservatory construction. We will consider whether the patio foundations can support the weight of your new conservatory as well as whether they are deep enough to prevent subsidence in the future to ensure they will be strong and stable for years to come.

If you are considering the build of a DIY conservatory, it is important to note that this type of construction will still require proper foundations with a steel base, just as with any other permanent structure. We don’t recommend building your own conservatory unless you are a highly experienced and skilled builder due to the likelihood of poor insulation, lower quality construction and other issues further down the line.

If you are interested in discussing how a conservatory can be built on your existing patio structure or the most economical way to remove the patio and create new conservatory foundations, give our friendly support team a call. We’re always happy to help — all you need to do is contact us. You can also visit our Basingstoke showroom to see a variety of available conservatory styles and our portfolio of recent projects.

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