Do Front Doors Need to Be Fire-Rated?

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Fire doors are specially built and fitted to withstand flames and smoke for up to thirty or sixty minutes. Building Regulations stipulate that fire doors are required in the home in specific circumstances.


Installing an external fire door or internal fire doors will provide you with crucial protection in the event of a fire. The door is specially built and fitted to withstand flames, compartmentalising your property to form a barrier and prevent the spread of fire. They also function as a means of escape.

An FD30 fire door provides up to thirty minutes of fire protection, while an FD60 fire door provides up to sixty minutes of fire protection. For a door to be certified an FD-rated fire door, both the door and its frame need to be assessed from both sides using a specific procedure, specified in BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. 

Fire doors are different from normal external and internal doors because they are thicker — 44mm for an FD30 and 54mm for an FD60 door — and much heavier than standard hollow doors. They also have automatic closing devices, such as fire door spring-loaded, self-closing hinges. Fire doors will also have seals fitted into the stiles and head of a fire-resisting doorset. If the door features a small vision panel, the panel will be glazed with fire-resisting glazing.

Not sure whether to upgrade your front door to a fire door or invest in internal fire doors? Building Regulations stipulate that fire doors are required in the home in the following specific circumstances:

  • In a two-storey house with a door leading from an internal garage into the house
  • In a new build or renovated property with three or more storeys (including loft conversions) — in this instance, you must have fire doors installed that lead to every habitable room off the stairwell

Please note that fire doors cannot be fitted into standard door frames, as they are thicker and won’t work in the way required to be considered fire-rated. 

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