Do I Need Building Regulations for a Conservatory?

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Learn about the Building Regulations for Conservatory Constructions

Conservatories can be exempt from Building Regulations if they meet specific conditions laid out on the Planning Portal website.

In order to be exempt from Building Regulation requirements, the conservatory must:

  • Be built at ground level and less than 30 square metres in floor area.
  • Be separated from the house by external quality walls, doors or windows.
  • Possess an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls.
  • Have glazing and any fixed electrical installations that comply with the applicable Building Regulations requirements.

You are also advised not to construct conservatories that restrict ladder access to windows that serve rooms in loft or roof conversions, especially if any of the windows are intended to aid escape or rescue in the event of a fire. 

If any new structural openings are being created between the conservatory and the existing house, these will require Building Regulations approval — even if the conservatory itself is an exempt structure. 

We recommend reading the approved documents on the Planning Portal website for general guidance on the materials and building work required to comply with the Building Regulations for conservatories.

Whether or not you require Building Regulations approval for your conservatory, you will still be required to inform the Local Planning Authority of the proposed work via a prior approval application under the associated neighbour consultation scheme. You will also need to comply with planning permission requirements for conservatories, which are separate to Building Regulations.

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