Does a Conservatory Add Value to a Property?

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A Well-Constructed, High-Quality Conservatory Will Add, on Average, around £15,000 to the Value of Your Home

Adding a well built modern conservatory can increase the value of your property by an average of around five per cent, or approximately £15,000. 

The amount of value your conservatory adds will depend on a range of factors, including the quality of construction, materials used and aesthetics — a poorly built, low-quality construction can actually deter buyers rather than increase profit.

Adding Value to Your Property with a Conservatory: Dos and Don’ts


  • Balance conservatory size with garden space — don’t build a large construction that eats up all the outdoor space; this could negatively impact your property value, as many buyers look for a usable garden area
  • Build a south-facing conservatory to benefit from the maximum amount of sunlight
  • Build in-keeping with your home’s style — traditional properties would best suit a classic conservatory style like an elegant loggia or orangery
  • Use a reputable local firm with heaps of experience — Brackenwood has been building high-quality conservatories across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey since 1987. You can view a portfolio of our recent builds or visit us at our Basingstoke showroom to see a variety of the styles available


  • Scrimp on materials or construction to save a few pennies; a cheap uPVC conservatory can feel dated and will not offer the level of heat regulation that a well-insulated solid-roof conservatory does
  • Buy a build-at-home kit and attempt construction yourself unless you are highly experienced in building conservatories. So much can go wrong and result in a leaky roof, poor insulation or security problems
  • Rush the build at the cost of the construction — Brackenwood can build most conservatory constructions within a matter of days, but we always recommend that you take the time to properly plan your construction and ensure you are complying with planning permission and Building Regulation requirements before you go ahead.

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