How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Front Door?

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It takes between two and six hours to fit a new front door, depending on the complexity of the fitting and the existing framework.

Fitting a new front door can take as little as two hours if the job is simple and the existing framework is optimal for hanging the new door. However, more complex jobs, such as fitting a new fire door and fire safety frame, will take longer. 

The first part of the job after the site is prepped is removing the old door, mouldings and fittings — this takes, on average, between 30 minutes and one hour. The next thing to do is install and level the new door, which takes about half an hour, before mouldings are installed all around the door, locks are set and the letterbox is fitted. In total, the entire process normally takes around three to four hours unless a new framework is required or the installation is particularly complex.

You should schedule the installation at a convenient time so that if the installation requires several hours of work, there is no rush for the installer to leave the property. Try to make sure that the entrance to your property is as clear as possible so the van carrying your new door — or doors — can easily deliver the goods.

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