How to Fix a Draughty Front Door

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Door draughts occur when an opening to the outside is left unsealed. You can use weatherstripping to help seal draughty doors or replace the door with a new well-insulated and energy-efficient one.

It’s common for exterior doors to develop a draught over time. This happens when there is a gap between the door and the opening to the outside, where the seals have worn away and need to be replaced. Not only can a poorly sealed door let in draughts, but it can also lead to condensation problems and infestations of ants, woodlice and other insects. 

We recommend that you deal with draughty doors promptly to avoid problems with energy leakage, cold air and infestations down the line. Here are several ways you can provide short to medium-term fixes for draughty doors:

  • Use weatherstrips to block the gap between the exterior door and the outside, reinstating the seal and preventing draughts
  • Replace old door sweeps with new sweeps that are cut to the size you need
  • Use a door snake or door stopper to eliminate the draught at the bottom of your door 
  • Use foam tape to weather-proof your door if it has warped slightly and no longer fits perfectly in its frame

While these temporary fixes will help to ease the effects of a draught in the short to medium term, the best way to eliminate drafts is to replace your old entrance door with a new front door

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