How to Insulate a Conservatory Roof

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Insulate Your Conservatory Roof and Enjoy the Perfect Temperature All Year Round


Insulating your conservatory roof will prevent the room from becoming too hot in summer, too cold in winter or stuffy all year round. Extreme temperature fluctuations can make older and poorly insulated conservatories unusable, but Brackenwood’s guaranteed insulation work will transform your conservatory space into the most enjoyed room in the house.


We can replace your old polycarbonate conservatory roof or glass roof with a solid roof that provides far better insulation and reduces your energy bills. We offer a ten-year guarantee and five years’ interest-free credit on our conservatory roof insulation and replacement work and use triple-layer insulation to provide improved acoustic performance and energy efficiency.


Should you wish to insulate your conservatory roof yourself, here are ways to improve the insulation and enjoy more comfortable temperatures all year round:

  • Install insulated blinds, drapes or heavy fabric curtains to block out sunlight and keep the space cooler during summer
  • If your existing glazing bars can expand to accommodate a thicker polycarbonate roof panel, you can improve your conservatory’s thermal efficiency by adding another thin layer of polycarbonate underneath your existing one. This is not a long-term solution, however, and will, at best, extend the life of your conservatory roof by ten years
  • Paint your conservatory ceiling with a thermal emulsion paint, which can prevent heat from being attracted to cold surfaces and keep your conservatory warmer for longer
  • Thin insulation boards, especially vacuum-insulated panels, are a common way to insulate your conservatory’s roof and are ideal for use if space is limited

Why Opt for a Solid Conservatory Roof?

The best way to insulate your conservatory roof is to convert to a solid roof structure, which eliminates the need to worry about damp or draughts. Most existing conservatory frames can support a new solid roof, and Brackenwood can ensure that the roof matches your property with either slate-like tiles or a modern hybrid option. This is the most permanent and long-term solution available and can be installed in a single day — but it’ll transform your conservatory for good.

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