How to Secure French Doors That Open Out

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French doors that open out require additional security measures to ensure your property remains protected from intruders.

Nothing lets more light and air into your property than a beautiful, high-quality set of French doors that open out onto your garden or patio area. 

While the visual appeal of French doors is clear, they do come with some potential security drawbacks, which is why it’s vital to follow police advice and install enhanced security measures for any patio doors, double doors or French doors that open out onto your property. 

Brackenwood supplies French doors that meet police-approved security standards and are made with tested and certified materials. Here are our main security recommendations for double doors: 

  • Upgrade the double glazing in your French doors to laminated safety glass, which is specially reinforced to prevent break-ins and performance-tested to BS EN 356:2000 standards 
  • The sealed double glazing unit should feature at least one sheet of 6.4mm laminated security glass that is compliant with PAS 24 2016 standards 
  • It is recommended by the police that French doors that open out have hinge bolts and mortice sash locks fitted for additional security
  • A multi-locking system is essential for double doors, patio doors and French doors. Brackenwood French doors have a ten-point locking system with two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt for maximum peace of mind
  • Opposing steel hooks and anti-lift bolts will add an additional layer of security to your doors and prevent them from being dislodged 
  • Reinforce your door frame and ensure it is strong and durable — add additional adjustable hinges for extra protection
  • One of the most pertinent concerns of French door owners is that the handles that open out can be used to lever the door open and gain forced entry to the property. You should install a Patlock French Door security device that prevents the handles from being broken into
  • Install an alarm that is triggered by movement and can be time-activated for added protection at night or when you’re away from your property
  • Consider upgrading to an SBD-licensed limited glazed door for the ultimate protection from unwanted intrusion
  • You could also consider adding a security bar with a built-in alarm that can be removed in the morning and replaced at night or when you are away from home

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