What’s the Difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory?

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Orangeries Are Larger Than Classic Conservatories and Have a Unique Roof Construction Made from up to 75% Glass, with Brick Columns or Pilasters for Added Strength and Style. 

Thinking about buying a brand new conservatory and unsure whether to opt for a classic conservatory or a contemporary orangery? Our home improvement experts talk you through the differences and pros and cons of both constructions so you can decide which option is right for you.  

The Main Differences between a Conservatory and an Orangery

An orangery is larger than a classic conservatory and typically built using brick columns or pilasters instead of corner posts for a striking, contemporary look. The roof is partially supported by a deep pelmet,  which can support added spotlights for an airy, light feel. 

Orangeries have larger gutters than classic conservatories, which conceal the traditional smaller conservatory gutter. These roof constructions are made mostly from glass — typically around 75% — with glass walls covering less than 50% of the total wall area. 

You can customise the design of your orangery to include floor-to-ceiling glass instead of brick pillars if you prefer — this will make your orangery look more like a classic conservatory and less like the traditional orangery.

Orangeries are a little more expensive than a regular conservatory due to their larger construction and more premium build, but they are well worth the small additional investment. They bridge the gap between a conservatory and a single-story extension, offering the best of both worlds with its bricked walls,  glass roof and modern styling.

If you are interested in discussing the installation of a new conservatory, we can help — all you need to do is contact us. You can also visit our Basingstoke showroom to see a variety of available conservatory styles and our portfolio of recent projects.

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