Bay and bow windows are a brilliant investment for any property because of the light and airy feel they add to even the darkest room and the extra living space they provide.

Bow windows create the illusion of a bay but you don’t require anything specific in order to install them. We will fit new windows to replace your old existing windows in a matter of weeks; message us your postcode and we will pop over to provide a no-fuss, no obligation accurate cost quotation.

Whereas Bay windows require there to be a bay in the room already present. So, if you are planning a home extension or remodel, we can retro build the outer wall to accommodate the angles that make the Bay style instantly recognisable. These types of windows are slightly different, but, they give off a similar look from the outside of a property. 

Double glazing that offer a surprising range of window options, so in the quest to buy replacement bay or bow windows, why not get creative? Whilst the traditional casement window style is the most popular option in these large areas, have you considered creating a unique window yourself? Need to ask some questions first? Call 0330 912 0965 for free and friendly advice.

Bespoke Bay and Bow Windows Designed and Installed with Brackenwood

Replacement Bay Window Double Glazing Bay New uPVC Windows Sash Casement TiltWindow Design Tool Online - Fast and Free

How to design your own style online with our exclusive Brackenwood design tool.

It's not just for uPVC windows! Our visual and simple online application guides you through every step.

Choose from: Aluminium windows and doors, uPVC windows and doors, Composite front and back doors and browse the Brackenwood brand Residence collection. Our Residence collection features flush sash windows, affordable single doors and double French doors.

Upon deciding on the perfect style of window for your home, the friendly team at Brackenwood will be able to provide you with both a single and double glazed windows quote for you to consider. If you have any queries regarding price, we actually offer interest-free windows and doors, so we will happily offer a finance option that works well for you. 

You will need your window measurements: How to measure your window for the online visualisation:
Measure the opening in at least 3 places across the width, top, middle & bottom, take the smallest measurement & deduct 10mm, this will be the width of the window.
Measure the height of the opening at least 3 times left, middle & right, take the smallest measurement & deduct 10mm this is the height of your window. Check the opening is square. Let's go!

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From our headquarters and showroom just outside Basingstoke, our family-owned business provides exceptional service across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, and beyond. We handle projects of all sizes, whether replacing a single window or fully glazing new developments.

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At Brackenwood Windows, we recognize that windows and doors are more than just functional fixtures - they define a home's character. Since 1987, we've served as trusted local experts helping homeowners select stylish, high-performance products tailored to their needs.

Sash uPVC Windows for Bay and Bow uPVC and Aluminium Frames

This type of window has been used in property for hundreds of years now and they are often associated with authentically styled properties. A sliding sash window is made up of two panes of glass that sit on top of one another, to open these windows the bottom pane slides up to sit next to the top pane. When fully open, this type of window provides you with a huge open space. They have a traditional look to them but, with many modern takes being created they are perfect for any property. 

What is a Casement Style window?

This type of window is one of the most frequently seen in homes up and down the country. When you think of classic windows, many people will envisage a casement window. These windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges at the side and they open like a door, they are often used in pairs within a singular frame. These windows are a classic design and they are well suited to contemporary properties as well as traditional homes. 

Tilt and turn windows for the best breezes and ventilation

We have seen an increase in popularity with this type of window in recent years. The double glazing Tilt and Turn style is slowly becoming one of the most in demand, mostly due to the fact that it is exceptionally versatile and convenient. Tilt and turn windows do exactly what you’d expect from their name, one window can either be tilted open from the top or fully opened from the side.

The overall look of these windows isn’t too dissimilar from the look of casement windows but, many people favour them simply because of their multiple uses. Our customers have provided feedback how useful tilt and turn style windows in a kitchen. Home cooking is one hobby that we enjoy making; or simply eating someone else's culinary creations, right? Reduce cooking smells with extra ventilation in cooking areas, or perhaps a laundry room which may retains residual of heat from the utility appliances.

Differences Between Bay and Bow Windows: A Local Installer's Guide

For over 35 years, Brackenwood has provided homeowners across the region with premium bay and bow windows to enhance their properties. As a trusted family-run installer, we want to clearly explain the key differences between these two popular but distinct styles.

Bay Windows: Angled Projections to Expand Space. Ideal for new home extensions and to replace older, existing Bay windows.

A bay window features three sections - a large centre picture window with two narrower windows flanking either side. The two side panes are typically identical. Bay windows protrude outward in an angled or slanted projection, usually at 45 or 90 degrees.

This angled fenestration form factor makes bay windows ideal for expanding a room's footprint and creating useful recessed space inside. The three windows also allow light to enter from multiple directions, brightening up interiors beautifully. We love it when our clients call our team and invite them back for a cup of tea, to showcase their interior design touches - from fluffy pillow to elegant reading lights. Contact Brackenwood Windows today on 0800 253545 to schedule a consultation. Discover why we are the region's premier resource for exceptional windows and doors.

Bow Windows: A Sweeping Curve for Light and Views, no rebuilding a bay area is necessary.

Bow windows curve gently outward in an arc rather than at harsh angles. A bow will have at minimum four contiguous window units of equal size in its sweeping rounded shape. Casements are common, but a mix of window types can be used.

The flowing curve of a bow window radiates natural light across a broader area than a bay. Their wider curved form also opens up a panoramic outward view. Bow windows lend a soft, elegant accent to a home's exterior.

Sustainable Environmental Policy - 97% Recycle Rate

By replacing outdated double glazing windows, our local installation teams will transform your home's appeal and comfort. Contact Brackenwood Windows today on 0330 912 0965 for a free quote. Our personable designers make the process smooth, from product selection through professional fitting. Give your home the modern performance and timeless beauty of new built to order bay windows.

Brackenwood is committed to protecting the environment. We source environmentally friendly building materials, reduce our carbon footprint, and recycle over 97% of our waste. We work with environmentally conscious manufacturers and suppliers, and our double glazed windows are extremely energy efficient. PVCu is a widely recognised sustainable material that is fully recyclable and has a minimum life of 350 years. >We also group installations geographically to lessen fuel emissions, reduce the use of paper annually, and adopt technology where beneficial to do so.

We are passionate about protecting the world we live in, and we are committed to setting the same standards of excellence for sustainability as we do for client service.

Interior Design Tips for Bay and Bow Windows - Ideal Usage Scenarios

Deciding between a bay or bow window depends on your aims depending on the age of your home. When you meet your local area Manager in Reading, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Dorset or Wiltshire, you'll be speaking with a Brackenwood fully trained professional.

Bay windows work well as cozy seats, reading nooks or display spaces. Their defined angles allow you to furnish the recessed area.

For maximising natural light spread into a room's far corners, improving views and creating a feeling of expanded space, bow windows are superior. Their smooth curve feels open rather than tucked away, which widens your view to watch the sun set, or to gaze over your favourite garden area.

Trust Brackenwood's Expertise Selecting the Right Style

With decades of experience, our team can advise whether a bay or bow makes sense for your home's architecture and intended use. We'll ensure the design complements your property aesthetically while delivering on practical benefits. Enhance lighting, views and value with 'A' grade energy efficient double and triple glazed windows.

Combine With Casements, Tilt and Turns or Sliding Sashes

Now you know the different style of components that make up the window units within bay and bow windows, remember they can all be customised to your tastes. We can fit ornamental lead lights, arched tops or other bespoke touches. For ventilation, convenience and security, combining the curved window with casements, tilts and turns or sliding sashes works beautifully.

Whichever style you choose, our locally made bay and bow windows create the perfect focal point to enhance natural light, outward views, visual appeal, home value and liveability. We support you from design through professional installation.

To learn more about bay and bow windows for your home, contact the experts at Brackenwood Windows today on 0800 253545. Discover why we are trusted across seven southern regions.

Lounge/Diner Bay Window Styling - A Focal Point In Your Room


Here are seven tips on making the most of your bay window, written by our home improvement experts. A bay window can add light, interest and additional space to your living room. Here are seven practical ways to use and furnish your bay window space.

1: Create a Bay Window Sitting Area

You don’t get a cosier space than a bay window sitting area with a coffee table, comfy chairs and a floral arrangement or two. By providing additional seating space in a little nook, you create an area for catching up on the papers over a cup of tea, reading your favourite book or passing the time with a pleasant chat or game.

To furnish your bay window sitting area, opt for a comfortable, space-saving style of chair and a compact yet elegant coffee table, Round tables are often the most popular choice for use in confined spaces, with rattan, wicker and velvet armchairs with deep cushions consistently selected for modern, stylish living areas.

2: Designate a Dining Space

If you don’t require a large dining table, designating your bay window area as a dining space can be a delightful way to enjoy your meals in the warmth and light of this airy and comfortable spot. We suggest opting for a round, space-saving table with chairs that can be tucked in when not in use to reduce the amount of space taken up in your living room. 

Modern space-saving dining table options include extendable tables, folding dining tables and tables with chairs that can be tucked right in under the table — these are available in a variety of styles, from traditional wood to classic marble and modern glass.

3: Go Grand with a Chandelier or Candelabra

Many people opt to install a chandelier or candelabra in their bay window space to add elegance and interest to their living room. You can go as grand, minimal or modern as you like with your light fittings, but if you’re going to install a statement piece, we recommend leaving the area around your chandelier free so that visitors and family members alike can properly admire it.

4: Install a Window Seat 

An ever-popular feature, particularly in period homes, window seats set back into bay windows can be wonderfully inviting and comfortable. Furnish your bay window seat with lush velvet and corduroy cushions and a snuggly blanket or two, and have a small bookcase nearby stocked with must-read titles that you can enjoy during a moment of peace.

5: Turn Your Bay Window Area into a Study

A compact desk will fit perfectly in the additional space provided by your bay window and, when combined with a comfortable office chair, creates the ideal environment for home working or catching up on paperwork. Select a foldable desk that features additional pull-out desk space or that can be collapsed and put to one side when the day’s work is done. 

6: Opt for a Multifunctional Storage Bench

A storage bench can be used to keep toys, books, soft furnishings and accessories out of sight until needed and also increase the available amount of seating for guests and visitors. You can make your bay window storage bench super cosy by installing fitted seat cushions in a striking pattern that complement your living room furnishings — top it all off with some comfortable cushions for that added air of decadence.

7: Sectional Sofa Seating

Finally, you could consider installing sectional sofa seating to make your bay window a comfortable and inviting space ideal for relaxing after work or at the weekends. Sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and some feature low backs or no backs and would be ideal for use with a bay window.

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