7 Reasons to Choose Aluminium for Your Windows

7 Reasons to Choose Aluminium for Your Windows:

So you’re looking to upgrade your home with a new set of windows, but one question remains. What material are you going to use? uPVC or Aluminum? Both are very similar in a number of ways, but each one is unique, bringing their own benefits to the drawing table. If you would like to learn more about uPVC, click the link below.

7 Reasons Why uPVC is a Fantastic Choice for Windows

Aluminium is one of the most commonly used metals on the earth, and you can find it in everything from foil through to fuselages in aircrafts. It’s adaptable, but reliable nature makes it a brilliant choice for window frames. While uPVC is probably more common, there are plenty of reasons to go with an aluminium frame, and here’s seven of them.


Aluminium is an incredibly durable metal, so durable in fact that various armies across the world use aluminium plating to protect their troops. Your window is obviously not going to deal with that kind of environment, but it can provide the durability you need for everyday use. Aluminium windows last up to thirty years and are less likely to warp and much harder to damage.


Much like uPVC, aluminium is completely recyclable, but it is also non toxic. When it’s time to replace them many, many years from now, you’ll know that the materials will be reused and no damage will be caused to the environment. The versatility of aluminium also means there are plenty of ways it can be reused – it may even end up in the foil you use to wrap your sandwiches.

Unique style

Aluminium windows can be powder-coated with a range of colours, making them a perfect choice for someone looking to create a unique look with their home. The power-coating is also durable and long-lasting, meaning your home will look great for years to come. Aluminium is also less common in home builds, so your home will have a unique, modern look without the coating.


The versatility of aluminium means we can provide windows in several sizes and configurations, along with our range of window types, including casement, flush, sliding sash and tilt & turn. Whatever your needs are, aluminium windows are sure to meet them.


This ties in with how durable the material is, as aluminium windows do not rust and as such require very little upkeep throughout the year. It’s recommended that you clean them a few times a year with soap and water, but that’s the extent of the upkeep you’ll need to keep up over the years.


Aluminium windows are incredibly secure. Offering a sturdy and reliable frame that keeps you and your family safe when you need it most. Our aluminium windows also come with the Brackenwood SAC Shootbolt system, which provides an added layer of security on top of the aluminium windows.

Smaller frames

Aluminium frames are much smaller than their uPVC and timber counterparts. This means your  window will have more glass, providing you with a much wider viewing space. Aluminium is the perfect choice if you live in a house with particularly scenic views, as a wider viewing space will allow you to fully take in your surroundings.

Whether you are after an aluminium frame, or uPVC, the team at Brackenwood will work with you to find the perfect style and material to fit your needs. If you would like to find out more about our range of windows, or any of our products, get in touch with the team today on 0800 253545