We are currently dealing with a large number of staff shortages due to illness associated with COVID.


Please note: 24 hours notice is required to re-arrange appointments. Failed appointments will be charged for at £96 + VAT.

If the fault is covered under the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee the work will be carried out free of charge.

If it is found that the fault is not covered under the Guarantee or if the product has not been maintained in accordance with
the Company’s maintenance instructions a charge will be made, the minimum charge in this case will be £69 + VAT.

General Service Calls Suspended

18th January 2022

Dear Customer,

Due to a very high level of staff absence as a direct result of COVID, issues with international supply chains and UK based material supplies , I have had no option other than to temporarily suspend General Service Calls. I fully understand that this is extremely annoying and frustrating. I am as fed up with the impact of COVID and the Pandemic on your life and our business as you are. I assure you that my team and I are doing everything in our power to restore normal service, in the meantime I would ask for your patience and understanding.

Given the current back log and shortage of team members I estimate that General Service Calls will not resume until the end of February 2022. However, if that timeframe improves, you will find a service request form on this page sooner.

Emergency Service Call

We will continue to offer an Emergency Service Call facility for any customer who is experiencing any of the following issues. If you request an Emergency Service Call for any other reason, I apologise but your request will not be attended to.

Emergency Service Call List,

    • Ground Level Window Not Closing
    • Door Leading to Outside Not Closing or Locking
    • Water Ingress
    • Threat to Life

Brackenwood do not and never have provided an emergency response out with business hours and we do not make any financial contribution towards repairs made out with our normal working hours by any third party.

To log an Emergency Service Call please click here