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The term 'heritage window' is often associated with a number of features available within a double glazing range. The most common items that qualify a window as heritage are:

  • Victorian Styling
  • Wood Appearance
  • Mock Hinges
  • Bespoke Leadwork
  • Sash Vertical Opening
  • Flush Fit Frames
  • Georgian Split Bars
  • Sculptured Frames
  • Cast Iron Handles

Quality Heritage Windows experts in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West SussexAt Brackenwood, we offer all the above features, and more, as options on all of our window ranges. Whether you want a timber-effect sash window, or a flush-fit Georgian appearance window, we have replacement heritage windows to suit your property.

Match vintage styling with modern features

Discover a world where heritage aesthetics harmoniously merge with modern innovation. Choose our replacement windows and immerse yourself in the beauty of yesteryear, without compromising on performance or compliance with building regulations.

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Heritage Windows in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West Sussex

Benefit from Our Heritage Windows Experience & Expertise

Our quality heritage replacement windows offer a host of advantages:

  • Timeless Charm
    Crafted to replicate the classic style of old windows, heritage replacements bring a touch of timeless charm to any building.
  • Slim Sightlines
    These windows offer unobstructed views and maximise natural light, creating an open and inviting atmosphere within your space.
  • Superior Thermal Efficiency
    Heritage windows provide excellent insulation, reducing heat transfer, leading to potential energy savings and reduced utility costs.
  • Enhanced Security
    Utilising robust materials and advanced locking systems, heritage windows offer enhanced security measures, for full peace of mind.
  • Customisation Options
    A wide range of colours, finishes and hardware options allows you to personalise your heritage windows and perfectly complement your home.
  • Low Maintenance
    Engineered for durability, these windows require minimal maintenance. High-quality materials are resistant to corrosion, fading and warping.
  • Noise Reduction
    The excellent sound insulation of heritage windows helps reduce external noise infiltration, providing you with a serene living space.
  • Building Regulations Compliance
    Heritage windows can meet the stringent requirements of building regulations, making them an ideal choice for sensitive conservation areas.
  • Increased Property Value
    Quality heritage windows can enhance the value of your home. The classic appeal makes them an attractive feature for potential buyers.
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Authentic Sliding Sash Windows – You Can’t Tell It’s not Wood

In the past, the main drawback of uPVC was its plastic-like appearance. However, we have revolutionised uPVC to match the beauty of genuine timber, allowing you to fully appreciate the remarkable benefits this exceptional material has to offer. Our Ultimate sash window range has been meticulously designed to replicate the look of traditional timber windows, ensuring they blend seamlessly with vintage aesthetics.

In addition to their striking appearance, these windows are incredibly easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. With our uPVC and aluminium sash windows, you can enjoy the vintage aesthetics you desire without the hassle of extensive upkeep.

Versatile & Beautiful Vertical Sash Frames

All models are manufactured to the highest A++ UK rated energy efficiency, a wide selection of authentic wood effect finishes, arched heads or combinations, decorative astragal bars and traditional hardware options with colour matched frames to your favourite shade.

  • A++ Rated for Energy Efficiency
  • Wide Range of Wood Effect Finishes
  • Unlimited Colour Options
  • Arched Head, Bay or Combination Options
  • Authentic Astragal Bars
  • Traditional Furniture Options

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