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Bay v Bow

Very often people get confused between a Bay Window and a Bow Window, it probably doesn’t help matters that they both begin with a B. The two window styles are very different and being able to tell which one is which, really is quite important when deciding what you want for your home.

The popularity of Bay and Bow Windows has increased in recent decades especially as features in small to medium size homes, as they often enlarge living, dining and bedroom areas with increased light.

Let’s take a minute to discover what each typically looks like below. There are many differences to consider, but the information below will focus on what the fundamental things to look out for in differentiating between a Bay and a Bow Window.

Bay Window

Typically, bay windows consist of three glass panels. They protrude from the home making the internal room much more spacious and the exterior more attractive. Of the three glass panels, the middle window is generally larger and considered the ‘picture window’ whereas the other two would be slightly smaller. Bay windows generally extend from the main house at a 25-45-degree angle. As they consist of three panels, bay windows aren’t as wide as bow windows, yet they do offer a great amount of floor space.

Bow Window

Bow Windows are made up of typically four or five identical windows, which are fitted at an angle of 10 degrees creating a beautifully curved appearance. Generally, because bow windows are made up of more windows with obviously more glass than a bay window is, they bring in more light and extends your living area more than a Bay Window would. Due to their curved appearance bow windows work well when utilised on the corner of a building, they can be wrapped around which also offers panoramic views. Their curved, round appearance makes for a visually appealing appearance. All the panels are generally the same shape and size, making for a symmetrical appearance.

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