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Bay Windows and Bow Windows, despite their similar names, are distinct window styles, and understanding their differences is crucial when making decisions for your home.

Bay and bow windows have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, particularly in small to medium-sized homes. These windows are sought-after because they have the ability to expand living, dining and bedroom areas, while flooding them with abundant natural light.

Why Choose a Bow or Bay Window?

With their abundant glass and classic appearance, bay and bow windows are known for maximising the amount of light and creating a spacious feel within a room. They are an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive and eye-catching window style that adds both functionality and visual appeal to their home.

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What's the difference between bay & bow windows?

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Bay Windows

Bay windows extend the floor space of your property and are characterised by panels that project outward from the home's exterior. These windows not only enhance the visual appeal of the exterior but also create a more spacious interior room. Installing a bay window may require planning permission.

They extend from the wall at angles ranging from 25-90 degrees. A bay window may not always be as wide as a bow window but the generous amount of floor space creates an open and inviting atmosphere within the room.

Bow Windows

Bow windows (pronounced like "bow and arrow") consist of a number of connected windows that extend outwards from the wall, creating an elegant, curved appearance.

Bow windows are usually supported underneath by a 'gallows bracket' and don't generally require planning permission, as only the window itself extends out from the wall. The unique curved, symmetrical shape of bow windows leads to considerably more natural light entering the room and enhances the overall aesthetics of the property.

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Bay & Bow Window Frame Types

Casement frames are common in bow windows, but a mix of window types can be used, such as tilt and turn or sliding sash.

You get all the best features, regardless of the colour or construction of double glazed bay windows you choose for your property. Rest assured that, with over 30 years of expertise and experience in double glazing, Brackenwood’ s windows come with comprehensive guarantees.

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Whether you go for modern, traditional or classic styling, every window from our quality range will provide numerous benefits, including:

  • A++ Energy Rating
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Enhanced Home Security
  • Classic Profiles & Styles
  • Huge Range of Colours
  • Enhanced Thermal Efficiency
  • Superior Sound Insulation
  • Minimum Maintenance

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Materials Available for Bay Windows

Long lasting window frame materials


For most homeowners, uPVC keeps costs low while performing reliably year after year. The weather-resistant plastic requires little maintenance - just an occasional clean with soap and water keeps uPVC looking fresh.

Versatile uPVC suits traditional or contemporary homes. Though slightly less durable than aluminium over decades, uPVC delivers hassle-free, cost-effective protection.

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With the highest sustainability, security, style, and viewing potential, aluminium window frames bring unique advantages. The durable, low-maintenance nature provides long-lasting, hassle-free performance.

For a more sustainable, ethical window with several custom styling possibilities, superior views, and military-level robustness, aluminium frames are the superior choice.

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Wooden window frames were the most common choice before the introduction of low-cost uPVC. Wood has the lowest heat conductivity of the common frame materials, whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Listed buildings often require a timber-look window installation, however modern aluminium and uPVC can perfectly mimic the appearance and options of wooden windows.

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