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Quality Triple Glazing Windows experts in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West SussexTriple glazing involves three panes of glass with two insulating layers of Argon gas in between. These quality windows represent a remarkable advancement in the realm of energy-efficient building technologies, offering exceptional thermal performance.

Those three layers of glass form a solid barrier against external temperatures, providing a highly effective solution for both cold winters and scorching summers.

Triple Glazing Window Styles

During the design process, you can choose between colours and finishes. Triple glazing is available throughout our Signature and Casement ranges.

Match them with your existing window units, or completely change the look and feel of your home.

There are Many Benefits to Triple Glazed Windows

The primary advantage of triple glazed windows lies in their superior insulation properties. The additional glass pane and gas layers significantly reduce heat transfer, minimising energy loss and enhancing the overall thermal efficiency of a home or building.

Brackenwood triple glazing also offers significant benefits when it comes to reducing condensation. The technology behind triple glazing prevents condensation build-up on windows, keeping the interior of your home drier and healthier

Read more about the benefits of triple glazing here.

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Triple Glazed Windows in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West Sussex

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Enhanced Triple Glazing Security

Triple glazing offers enhanced security features that provide homeowners with peace of mind. With an additional layer of glass, triple glazing significantly increases resistance to break-ins compared to double glazing, as there is yet another layer to get through.

The added security of triple glazing is particularly beneficial for those living in areas with higher crime rates or vulnerable to burglary attempts.

Greater Acoustic Values with Triple Glazing

In addition to providing unrivalled insulation, the multiple layers of triple-glazed glass and gas act as an effective sound barrier, keeping unwanted external noises at bay.

This is particularly advantageous for residences located in busy urban areas or near high-traffic zones, where unwanted noise can be a constant challenge.

Whether you live near a busy road, construction site, or in a noisy urban area, triple glazing can significantly reduce the impact of external noise, allowing you to enjoy a quieter home.

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Materials Available for Triple Glazed Windows

Choose the right window frame material


For most homeowners, uPVC keeps costs low while performing reliably year after year. The weather-resistant plastic requires little maintenance - just an occasional clean with soap and water keeps uPVC looking fresh.

Versatile uPVC suits traditional or contemporary homes. Though slightly less durable than aluminium over decades, uPVC delivers hassle-free, cost-effective protection.

Aluminium Double Glazing Installers Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West Sussex


With the highest sustainability, security, style, and viewing potential, aluminium window frames bring unique advantages. The durable, low-maintenance nature provides long-lasting, hassle-free performance.

For a more sustainable, ethical window with several custom styling possibilities, superior views, and military-level robustness, aluminium frames are the superior choice.

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Wooden window frames were the most common choice before the introduction of low-cost uPVC. Wood has the lowest heat conductivity of the common frame materials, whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Listed buildings often require a timber-look window installation, however modern aluminium and uPVC can perfectly mimic the appearance and options of wooden windows.

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