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Quality House Extensions experts in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West SussexEnhancing your home with valuable living space is a smart investment that can significantly improve your quality of life. Whether you have a growing family or simply desire more room, the option of building a house extension is a clever and cost-effective option.

Increase your property value with a home extension

At Brackenwood, our 30+ years of expertise allows us to design, plan and build you a stunning new extension. A modern, light-filled living space will seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors, blurring the boundaries between your home and the surrounding environment.

With our guidance and craftsmanship, you can transform your house into a haven of comfort and style, while simultaneously increasing the value of your property.

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Benefit from Our House Extension Experience & Expertise

Brackenwood's single storey extensions have numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased Living Space
    One of the most significant advantages is the increased living space. Whether you need an extra bedroom, bigger living area, a home office or a larger kitchen, extensions provide the perfect solution.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Moving
    Moving to a larger property can be a costly and stressful endeavour. With a single storey extension, you can achieve the additional space you need without the expenses and upheaval of relocating.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
    Additional living space means more comfort and convenience for you and your family. You'll have more room to relax, entertain and pursue your hobbies, ultimately enhancing your overall quality of life.
  • Personalise Your Home
    Single storey extensions offer a blank canvas for personalisation. You can tailor the design, materials and finishes to match your unique preferences, creating a space that truly reflects your personality.
  • Seamless Integration
    We can design and build extensions that seamlessly blend in with your current home's architectural style. The extension will look as if it was part of the original design, flowing seamlessly.
  • Increased Property Value
    A quality home extension can significantly increase the value of your property. The added living space and modern amenities are appealing to potential buyers, making your home more marketable.
  • Improved Natural Light
    With strategic use of features like large bifold doors or modern double glazing, a single storey extension can help flood your home with natural light, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Modern house extensions are designed with improved energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials. The added structure also acts as a buffer between your house and the outdoors, increasing insulation.
  • Faster Construction Time
    Compared to multi-storey extensions, a single storey extension typically has shorter construction timelines, minimising disruption to your daily life and enabling you to enjoy your new space sooner.
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Fully Customise your Home Extension

Our goal is to create a new home extension that integrates with your existing property, as if it has always been a natural part of your home. With our diverse range of options, you can personalise every detail to suit your preferences perfectly:

A hassle-free extension build process

Our process is designed to be simple and straightforward. One of our experienced building consultants will meet with you to discuss your requirements in detail, only proceeding once we have a clear understanding of your needs. We will then present you with various options, along with the associated costs, to help you make an informed decision.

  • Comprehensive Design Service
  • Full Build - All Trades Included
  • Single Point of Contact for You
  • Building Regulations & Planning
  • Bespoke Solutions Available
  • Full Certification Included

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Why Choose Brackenwood

As your extension builder

Our History

A family-owned business, established in 1987 and still operating with the same director on a day-to-day basis covering Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset & West Sussex

Our Expertise

Our installers are all trained craftsmen and only work for us. We are a member of the CPA, Approved Craftsman, and hold the BSI Kitemark for installations.

Highly Recommended

Over 45% of our business comes from repeat customers or their recommendations.

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To date we have over 50,000 satisfied customers

Personalised Service

We offer the personalised services you would expect from a local supplier - meaning peace of mind should you need us in the future.

Green Credentials

Environmental impact is important to us, and we recycle 90% of all trade waste used in our products.

Our Longevity

We have never gone into receivership or traded under any other name. This is essential for honouring guarantees for our products and installations.

Funding Options

Our finance partner provides personalised loans, meaning you can improve your home now but pay in affordable monthly instalments