7 Ways to Furnish Your Room around Your Bay Window

A bay window can add light, interest and additional space to your living room. Here are seven practical ways to use and furnish your bay window space.

Bay windows are a brilliant investment for any property because of the light and airy feel they add to even the darkest room and the extra living space they provide. A bay window can be used in a variety of practical ways to enhance your room and make it more useable. Here are seven tips on making the most of your bay window, written by our home improvement experts.

1: Create a Bay Window Sitting Area

You don’t get a cosier space than a bay window sitting area with a coffee table, comfy chairs and a floral arrangement or two. By providing additional seating space in a little nook, you create an area for catching up on the papers over a cup of tea, reading your favourite book or passing the time with a pleasant chat or game.

To furnish your bay window sitting area, opt for a comfortable, space-saving style of chair and a compact yet elegant coffee table, Round tables are often the most popular choice for use in confined spaces, with rattan, wicker and velvet armchairs with deep cushions consistently selected for modern, stylish living areas.

2: Designate a Dining Space

If you don’t require a large dining table, designating your bay window area as a dining space can be a delightful way to enjoy your meals in the warmth and light of this airy and comfortable spot. We suggest opting for a round, space-saving table with chairs that can be tucked in when not in use to reduce the amount of space taken up in your living room. 

Modern space-saving dining table options include extendable tables, folding dining tables and tables with chairs that can be tucked right in under the table — these are available in a variety of styles, from traditional wood to classic marble and modern glass.

3: Go Grand with a Chandelier or Candelabra

Many people opt to install a chandelier or candelabra in their bay window space to add elegance and interest to their living room. You can go as grand, minimal or modern as you like with your light fittings, but if you’re going to install a statement piece, we recommend leaving the area around your chandelier free so that visitors and family members alike can properly admire it.

4: Install a Window Seat 

An ever-popular feature, particularly in period homes, window seats set back into bay windows can be wonderfully inviting and comfortable. Furnish your bay window seat with lush velvet and corduroy cushions and a snuggly blanket or two, and have a small bookcase nearby stocked with must-read titles that you can enjoy during a moment of peace.

5: Turn Your Bay Window Area into a Study

A compact desk will fit perfectly in the additional space provided by your bay window and, when combined with a comfortable office chair, creates the ideal environment for home working or catching up on paperwork. Select a foldable desk that features additional pull-out desk space or that can be collapsed and put to one side when the day’s work is done. 

6: Opt for a Multifunctional Storage Bench

A storage bench can be used to keep toys, books, soft furnishings and accessories out of sight until needed and also increase the available amount of seating for guests and visitors. You can make your bay window storage bench super cosy by installing fitted seat cushions in a striking pattern that complement your living room furnishings — top it all off with some comfortable cushions for that added air of decadence.

7: Sectional Sofa Seating

Finally, you could consider installing sectional sofa seating to make your bay window a comfortable and inviting space ideal for relaxing after work or at the weekends. Sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and some feature low backs or no backs and would be ideal for use with a bay window.

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