Brackenwood Remote Quote

As we transition from lockdown, we are all going to experience changes to our daily routines. With such a rapid change to our normality and the stark reality of our fragility, most of us will be looking for ways to ensure the safety of our self’s and our families.

In many ways the fenestration industry has lagged behind as policy, process and regulation changed the landscape on which a typical business might operate. Businesses like Brackenwood who have from the outset adopted a consultative approach to double glazing and conservatories will be less affected by social distancing which will undoubtedly restrict home visits.

Ensuring the safety of staff and customers is paramount, but without either there is also no business, finding a solution which works for everyone in a truly short time has been both challenging and exciting. However, it is utterly amazing what you can achieve by embracing change and championing the use of technology. Many people have commented on how they never thought they would see the day when they would be comfortable with video conferencing but being forced to work from home has made then adapt, change, and grow confident.

Providing quotations to potential customers for windows, doors, composite doors, conservatories and single storey extensions is the life blood of our business and without the ability to provide this service would be disastrous.

Our tech team have been working hard in the background to create an option so that our potential customers can benefit from a remote quote. The Brackenwood Remote Quote tool means that you can get a fully detailed digital quotation for any of our products by telephone or by video.

With a video remote quote you will need to have an internet connection and either a webcam or a mobile phone or tablet with a camera. Additionally, you will need a tape measure, usually somewhere around 3 or 5 metres will be enough. The design specialist will walk you through taking the measurements and you will be able to provide real time video of the works which you require. Once the remote quote session has ended the design specialist will arrange for your fully detailed quotation to be sent to you electronically.

With a telephone remote quote the process is exactly the same process as detailed for a video remote quote without the video aspect. If you have a mobile phone you may be able to supply images from its camera either after or before the call, if not, don’t worry, our design specialist should be able to get enough information from you n the call. If a site visit is needed, that can be done from the outside and without any contact with you r your family.

During the remote quote session our team will share with you some of our options for funding which may wish to discuss in more detail, these include Buy Now – Pay Later, Interest Free Credit and Pay Monthly options, from time to time we may also have further incentives such as No Deposit and Master Fit Subsidies.

Keeping you, your family and our team safe and secure is our No1 priority and we are always welcoming of constructive criticism, so if there is anything you think we should be doing differently please do not hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.

To book you remote quote please head on over HERE