Brilliant Ways To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

During the winter months when it is cold outside and you’re unable to get out and about as much, it goes without saying that it is incredibly beneficial to open your curtains and let as much natural light flood into your home as possible. There are actually a number of surprising benefits to filling your home with natural light and it can make a huge difference to both the health and wellbeing of your family. 


Sometimes, even when the winter sun is shining outside and you’ve pulled up the blinds, you can still feel as though your home is dark and dingy, but artificial light isn’t always the answer. There are lots of brilliant ways that you can bring more natural light into your home and if you’re interested in making some home improvements this year, it is undeniably worthwhile considering the following; 


Install aluminium bifold doors 


Replacing your french doors or patio doors with aluminium bifold doors is one of the best ways to bring more light into your home, if you’re able to, widening the opening can really help too. The big panes of glass in bifold doors paired with the slim aluminium frame will help to prevent any obstructions to the light. You may also want to consider using doors with glass panes in the interior of your home too, this will help natural light to flow from room to room. 


Upgrade your current windows 


Installing new windows is probably the most obvious way to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Not only should you consider swapping timber casement windows with Georgian bars for uPVC sash windows with bigger panes of glass, for example, but you could even install bow windows too. Upgrading your windows will instantly bring more daylight into your home and you could even install additional windows to areas that don’t currently have them too. 


Add a conservatory or orangery 


One of the brightest spaces that you can have in your home is a conservatory and if you don’t have one, it is worthwhile thinking about investing in one or even an orangery. You can create a room with panoramic views that allows light to flood in from a number of different directions. Depending on the doors that you install in between your conservatory and your home, you can increase the amount of light coming through too and bifold doors will work brilliantly here too. 


Install roof windows 


If you’re able to, depending on the layout of your property, you should think about installing windows above your head as well. This works particularly well if you have converted your attic into a living space or if you have a single-storey extension. Roof windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so you will easily be able to find something that suits your home. Due to their positioning, they are one of the best ways to increase natural daylight. 


Redecorate with a lighter colour scheme 


Whilst this won’t technically bring more natural light into your home, it will help it to make the most of the natural light you do have. If you have a dark interior design, then swapping this for a lighter colour scheme can make a big difference due to the fact that dark colours tend to absorb light whereas light colours help reflect it. So, simply repainting the walls is worthwhile doing.


Hang mirrors on the walls 


This is another brilliant trick to use when you’re wanting to make it seem like there is more natural light in your home. Hanging big mirrors on the walls next to or opposite a window or an external door will help to bounce the daylight around your rooms, and it can even help to make them feel more spacious as well. Mirrors can effectively double your natural light sources.


Making home improvements this year 


Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to increase the amount of natural light you get in your home; it goes without saying that any of the home improvements mentioned above can be really effective. If you’re wanting to make a dramatic difference and make your home feel much brighter and airier, then why not consider undertaking a few of these home improvements, you really can completely transform your whole home. 


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