Choosing The Best Doors To Connect Your Home to Your Garden

Now that the days are starting to get lighter and longer, and the weather is finally starting to get warmer, lots of homeowners are using their gardens much more frequently. In the spring and summer months, many will have their rear doors open all day long, flooding their home with natural light and fresh air. However, when opening their external doors on a regular basis, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to want to replace them. 


The doors at the rear of your property are responsible for connecting your home to your garden and if yours are inconvenient to open, then it is unlikely that you’ll make the most of your outdoor space. So, now is undeniably the perfect time to go ahead and replace these doors so you can enjoy your garden this summer. To help you choose which doors to install at the rear of your property, below we have looked into the most popular types of doors and their benefits. 


French doors 


This is the most traditional type of door and many homeowners have French doors at the rear of their property. As you’re probably aware, French doors are two doors in a joint frame that open outwards on a hinge and they tend to be made from huge panes of glass. French doors are timeless in design and they are well suited to both traditional and modern properties. 


When French doors are fully open, they will provide you with a wider opening than a standard entrance door and they are perfect when you don’t have huge amounts of wall space but you’d still like your home to be connected to your garden. It isn’t uncommon for people to install small hooks on the exterior wall next to their French doors to keep the doors open and to prevent them from blowing shut. This can also stop the open doors from intruding on your garden. 


Patio doors 


You may sometimes hear patio doors referred to as sliding doors and this name is fairly self-explanatory. These doors are usually made up of two large panes of glass and when you want to open them, you simply slide one pane behind the other. Patio doors come in various sizes, so your opening will differ depending on how wide your glass panes are. 


This type of door tends to be popular for new properties as it provides a contemporary look and patio doors usually have very thin frames, allowing you to have a clear view of your outdoor space even when they’re closed. Patio doors are very beneficial to install when you don’t have space outside to swing a door open and they’re really convenient to slide open. Their only downside is that only one pane of glass moves and this may mean you have a smaller opening. 


Bi-fold doors


One of the most modern rear door options is a bi-fold door and this type of door is made up of two or three panels, sometimes more, that concertina when open and sit neatly to the side of the door frame. Bi-fold doors are becoming a very popular choice, especially amongst homeowners who have lots of free wall space for their doors to be installed on.


When fully concertinaed back, bi-fold doors can provide a really wide opening, allowing you to completely open up your indoor space and make your garden feel part of your home. Commonly, bi-fold doors will sit on a track and they’re much easier to open than people assume. Depending on the number of panels the bi-fold doors have, you may have more frames blocking your view than you would with patio doors though, so this is worth bearing in mind. 

Getting a door replacement quote 


When you’re trying to decide which doors you should install at the rear of your property, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. It is fair to say that all three of these options are a brilliant choice in their own right, so it is important to think about which would be most suitable for your family and your home. You will probably find that one door solution is able to tick more of your boxes than the others. 


Whether you decide to install bi-fold doors, French doors or patio doors, be sure to visit the Brackenwood website to request an instant door replacement quote. We can supply and install all three of these exterior doors and we will gladly provide you with a transparent and competitive quote for the type of door you’re most interested in. With decades of experience behind us, we are proud to be one of the longest established family-owned businesses in the Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey area, and you can trust us that we are the best people to turn to for a door replacement quote.