12 Conservatory Interior Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Turn your conservatory into a comfortable haven for all seasons with these top conservatory interior ideas from Brackenwood’s expert consultants.

Having a new conservatory installed or revamping an existing extension? The right decor can transform your conservatory into a warm, welcoming space that works well all year round. Here are some inspirational ideas to get you started.

1. Add Exterior Accent Features for Extra Curb Appeal

While good interior design is vital for any modern conservatory, the exterior design should not be ignored. An attractive and well-crafted conservatory can add significant value to your property. Invest in the finishing touches that will make your extension inviting from the outside, such as aluminium cornicing, cresting detail and top caps. 

A decorative conservatory cornice hides the gutter and bar ends of your roofline, tidying up the roof and adding a distinctive style to your property. You can choose from a variety of colours to match your windows and doors and upgrade the appearance of your conservatory.

Brackenwood can recommend the right cornicing and top caps for your conservatory and install them for you, providing a ten-year guarantee on all work.

2. Control Light and Shade with Stylish Shutters

Shutters are among the most practical and stylish options for conservatory interior decor. They let in light and allow you to easily control shade, ensuring a soothing, comfortable space that works well from summer to winter. You can easily clean and maintain your shutters as they won’t rot, sag or age in the same way that fabric blinds do.

Opt for classic white wood shutters to maintain a tranquil tone or be bold with bright and colourful shutters that contrast with neutral furniture and decor. Plantation shutters give a stylish finish to your windows and can be added to the sides or ceiling of your conservatory.

3. Select a Striking Statement Wallpaper

Neutral cream wallpaper with a statement print is an ideal way to inject colour and interest without overwhelming your conservatory space, especially if you decorate a single wall with your statement wallpaper and paint the rest with neutral fade-resistant paint. Opt for wallpaper that complements your design aesthetic, such as a modern, classic or antique-style print, depending on your preferences.

Floral and natural-patterned wallpapers are great options for a conservatory space. Clean geometric wallpaper also provides a point of focus for your interior. Whichever style of wallpaper you choose, go for a light colour that can endure long hours of direct sunlight without fading. Look for wallpapers bearing the colour-fastness symbol — only choose very good or excellent colour-fast papers.

4. Opt for Neutral Decor with a Splash of Bold Colour 

Turn your conservatory into a peaceful, relaxing space where the whole family can relax and unwind. Decorate with neutral tones and natural wooden furniture, and add accents of vibrant colour in cushions, blinds and potted plants to add interest without detracting from the calming nature of your space.

Duck-egg blue is a wonderful choice for your conservatory furnishings, especially if you are sticking to a shabby-chic design. You can reupholster your existing sofa in soft blue tones and adorn it with comfortable cushions in dove grey, vibrant turquoise and mustard yellow for a modern pop of colour.

You could also opt for accessories in Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019, Ultra Violet — a blue-based purple that is bold, vibrant and modern. 

5. Maximise Light and Space with Glass Furniture

Glass furniture adds a light and airy feel to your interiors and prevents a space from feeling cramped. Opt for glass side tables and a glass dining table if you’re looking to use your conservatory for entertaining. 

A glass coffee table with shelving is one of the most practical modern conservatory ideas. Select a glass table with a mirrored top if you want a light-reflecting design that obscures items placed on the shelving below.

If you’re looking to entertain in your conservatory space, consider a glass dining table with reflective and transparent qualities that will complement your surroundings and prevent the room from feeling cramped. Glass won’t dominate the space, even if you opt for a large dining table, and will work well with any design aesthetic.

6. The Magic of Mirrors

A perfectly placed mirror can make your space feel larger and more open. Invest in a modern statement piece with a frame of industrial copper, golden gilt or warm wood. Place mirrors equidistant at either side of the room to create an illusion of light and space.

Turn your conservatory mirror into a point of focus by opting for a Rococo or Scorrimento-style mirror with elegant, regal scrolling in natural wood, painted wood or gilding. For a more contemporary look, select a sleek black gloss frame or a bevelled glass edge. You can also opt for a sectional mirror with clean lines that add interest and draw attention.

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Conservatories are light, bright and airy spaces that open out onto your garden, bringing the outdoors, in. One of the best ways to extend that feeling of greenery and vibrancy is to invest in some indoor plants that harmoniously blend your conservatory and garden space.

Opt for hardy evergreens and potted citrus trees to ensure year-round foliage. Snake plants add interest and strokes of inviting colour to your space, while Chinese money plants, with their curvaceous leaves and small profiles, fit pleasantly on shelves and tables and in corner coves. For a larger, more impactful option, opt for a Kentia palm with its long stems of spikey bright green leaves or a potted fig tree that will bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your conservatory space.

If living plants are not a practical choice due to curious children, inquisitive pets or a busy lifestyle, there are many lifelike and maintenance-free faux plants available.

8. Add Extra Seating and Make the Most of a Smaller Space with Window Seats

A window seat is an ideal way to maximise space in a conservatory. By combining comfortable seating with bench storage, using the space afforded by your conservatory’s large windows, you can accommodate visitors and stow away any items you don’t want on display day to day.

9. Play with Contrasting Patterns and Colours

Contrasting colours and patterns can brighten up a modern conservatory space and make it more inviting. Try blending florals with stripes in complementary shades. Throw in a few bold, bright throw cushions to bring this intriguing blend of designs together, and top it off with a matching sofa throw to keep the atmosphere cosy on cooler nights. 

Switch out your soft furnishings with the seasons and keep things modern and fresh — vibrant shades of fuschia pink, lime green and teal are ideal for the spring and summer months, while rich shades of copper, silver and chocolate make the winter season bright. 

10. Make Statement Furniture Choices

Furniture choices can be a perfect expression of your personality and design ideas. While tradition calls for cane, rattan and wicker furniture in a conservatory space, there’s nothing to stop you from deciding to be different and opting for more modern conservatory furnishings if that suits your style. 

Go for glass tables with gleaming metal accents and hammocks or pod chairs in neutral tones accented with bold soft furnishings, and invest in a comfortable sofa bed that converts your living space into a spare bedroom should guests come to stay. A leather lounge chair or accent recliner seat blends comfort with style, while a space-saving fold-down dining set with tuck-away chairs is ideal for use in smaller conservatories used for occasional dining.

11. Maximise Airflow and Add Style with Roof Vents 

Roof vents are an additional feature that allows the ceiling of your conservatory to open like a window, providing maximum airflow and cooling the room during the warm summer months. While not strictly an interior design element, the style of your roof vent will impact the look of your room, so opt for roof vents that suit your conservatory structure.

Roof vents are particularly beneficial for south-facing conservatories that get a lot of sun, allowing hot air to escape and ensuring good ventilation. Brackenwood provides a variety of roof vent styles, including manual roof vents operated by a pole and hook, electric roof vents that open and close at the push of a button and electric roof vents with climate control and a rain sensor, which allows the vent to operate automatically depending on the weather.

12. Create a Cosy Atmosphere with Downlighters, Spotlights and Low-Level Lighting

Adding downlighters, spotlights and low-level lighting to your conservatory space provides a premium atmosphere and flexible lighting to suit any occasion. 

Brackenwood can install a range of recessed, tilting spotlights to suit any modern conservatory, with a variety of materials and colours available. Choose from directional downlights and wire lighting systems that reflect light into the room and add low-level table lamps with striking modern designs to create a cosy ambience in the evenings.

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