Dressing a New Brackenwood Installation

Dressing your new Brackenwood installation can be tricky. It sounds like a bit of a cliché, but windows really are the eyes of your home. From when the curtains are opened in the morning, light floods in, illuminating the corners and fuelling the day. It will stay until the last drop of light dies away at night when the curtains are shut once more. So, decorating your new windows or doors can really elevate your living space, adding value to your home and making it cosy, homely, and appealing.

When your new Brackenwood window is completely installed, it’s time to decorate. However, your window dressing needs will differ from room to room. For example, what you might want in the living room will most likely differ from what you need in the window of your bedroom.

Dressing your windows is eternally important. The way you dress your new installation will dictate how much light and heat will flow into each room. Not only that, but it creates an image of your home from the outside and an impression of the people that live within. It can also dictate your well-being. So, how do you find your perfect home style? Let’s look at some window styles and just how we can decorate them for both style and comfort.

Dressing Your New Brackenwood Installation

Decorating Your New Casement Window Installation

Traditional casement windows look stunning on most properties. With plenty of colours available, there are lots of options to choose from. Decorating your casement window installation sympathetically will be important for the look and feel of your home. With a multi-functional design, it is crucial to easily access the window inside. Go for neutral shades of roller blind, and perhaps window-length, lined, tie-back curtains when dressing your new Brackenwood installation. That way you will make the most of the light that will pour in. However, are you looking to make your casement windows look larger on the inside? Go for floor-length curtains in your installation to elongate that window frame, giving the illusion that the windows are taller than they are. They will also look great in a bedroom.

Keeping ornaments to a minimum is important with casement windows. Go for matching ornaments when you have double window frames, but leave the floor space in front of the window inside empty – you’re going to want to make use of those new windows.

Dressing Flush Casement Windows 

Ever the popular choice in modern homes, flush casement windows make a bold aesthetic statement. Originally designed for traditional and period homes, today’s casement windows comprise modern machining techniques with a traditional craftsmanship look. Dressing your flush casement windows will mean adding to the look and feel of your home. Pair the colour of your frame with kitchen units, for example, for a sleek and timeless style to refresh your room. Looking to cover up your windows? Aim for some patterned, fitted roller blinds to get the most out of your modern frames. Maintaining a sleek look is essential for these more modern-looking windows.

Decorating Tilt and Turn Window Installations

Tilt and turn window installations by Brackenwood are a beautiful but simple way to bring function and style to your home. With the ability to actually ’tilt’ or ‘turn’ the window, you are going to want to be able to access the window freely. Decorating your home with roller or Venetian blinds would not be useful unless fitted specifically to each individual pane. Therefore, aim to frame your window inside with a pelmet and long curtains. This will allow you to enjoy the flexibility and versatility of the window, whilst creating a beautiful addition to your room.

This type of dressing will be particularly beneficial in a bedroom setting. If you choose the inward-opening window, keeping dressing to a minimum will allow you to make maximum use of your window and your space. Try to avoid ornaments on the windowsill when decorating your new Brackenwood installation and enjoy your tilt and turn window to its fullest.

Bay and Bow Window Dressing

Brackenwood bay and bow windows are eternally charming, adding extra space and delight in small to medium-sized homes. Usually containing three sides or panes of glass, bay windows are becoming a more popular feature in homes across the UK. With several panes of glass, or several windows on a curve, bow windows are also a great way to extend that space inside your home, whilst improving the outside aesthetically.

A sympathetic bay and bow window dressing will only help transform your living space further. A great way to make the most of that extra space, is to use long curtains and even a pelmet to frame it. “The days of the pelmet are long gone,” we hear you say. However, go for neutral colours or shades of grey. Avoid patterns – you will detract from that extra space you have just gained from your new installation.

Use a flat pelmet for a more contemporary look, which gets rid of those often bulky-looking curtain poles, as well as some voile curtains, which are sheer. They allow air to flow freely about the room. You can also go for a more semi-sheer option, which provides that little bit more privacy if your neighbours are particularly close.

A great way to dress that window depends on the season. With a great window ledge, you can go for a statement ornament or vase. There is nothing nicer than viewing a home with a stand-out piece of art at the window. It is particularly relevant for this type of window, which is usually always situated on the ground floor. Aim to avoid mass-produced vases and ornaments. Search those antique shops for something unique to make a bold statement.

Decorating Brackenwood windows at Christmas time? Make the windows the setting of a beautiful Christmas tree or hang a beautiful wreath so it sits centrally in that space. Enjoy your bay or bow windows and make a bold statement with the décor.

Classic Brackenwood Sliding Sash Window Dressing

Classic Brackenwood sliding sash windows look absolutely at home in Georgian or Victorian homes. However, there are plenty of modern options at Brackenwood to choose from that can suit any home. Dressing your new addition will only add to the overall impression that classic sliding sash windows give. With a bold, identifiable statement, these types of windows can be installed in varying styles of window (like bow for example) and as such, are incredibly versatile in terms of how we can decorate them.

It is a good idea to choose some gorgeous custom-made shutters to dress your windows. They filter light in beautifully and keep your room cool in summer. They are also great for privacy if your front windows are on street level. Roller blinds can be fiddly when it comes to sash windows, but window-length curtains, when paired with some decorative tiebacks really frame your new Brackenwood installation nicely.

Dressing to Impress 

Dressing your new Brackenwood installation to impress only elevates your living space. There are many ways to maximise your window dressings. Layers are key. They make a room more homely and give you the option to choose. From roller blinds to voile curtains, layers add extra depth and design to your space. Don’t forget to extend your décor into the room, too, to help maximise the design of your new window installation.

For elegance, aim for neutral shades and go for full-length curtains when dressing your installation. This will ensure that your new feature will remain in keeping with the rest of your home’s style. For privacy, fitted shutters or roller blinds will be the key. Looking to impress? Choose some original art to display on your windowsill. Your new installation will look stunning in no time with some homely touches that accent both comfort and style.

Dress your new installation in style. Or find out how a new Brackenwood window installation can add value to your home.

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