How to Cool Down and Summer-Proof Your Conservatory

Conservatories are a great investment and a fantastic addition to any home. They create extra space, let in more light, add value to your property and are a useful room to enjoy all year round. Gone are the days when a conservatory could only be used during a handful of days a year because they were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

There are now plenty of ways to regulate the temperature in your conservatory, making it a comfortable space to spend time in throughout the year. With temperatures gradually rising throughout the UK as summer gets into full swing, we’ve put together our top tips on how to cool down a conservatory.

1. Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof

Whether you’re planning a new conservatory or looking to summer-proof an existing one, solid roofs are a great option for keeping the space at a comfortable temperature all year round. A tiled roof will add thermal insulation, increase space and reduce energy consumption, meaning lower heating bills! If you have an old polycarbonate roof and choose to upgrade, you’ll notice the difference right away. Solid roofs also look great and add a smart finish to your conservatory.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy strong direct sunlight in your garden, a roof covering is another way to keep the heat out. These are fixed inside your conservatory and operate much like blinds. You simply adjust the slats to let in varying degrees of sunlight. 

2. Invest in Made-to-Measure Blinds

Blinds are the most popular choice for conservatories. If fitted correctly, they provide the insulation required to keep your space cool in the summer while trapping the heat in during winter months. They also look smart and add to the contemporary feel many hope to achieve when they invest in a conservatory.

The choice of blinds available can be overwhelming. There are options to suit all tastes and budgets, including Venetian blinds, roller blinds, blackout blinds, shutters and printed blinds. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for conservatory blinds is the size. If you’re planning to install the blinds yourself (a fairly easy job), make sure you carefully measure the length and width of your windows. If you don’t feel confident about getting this right, it can be worthwhile using a made-to-measure service, which will ensure your blinds fit your conservatory perfectly. The service often also includes measurement, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Other important elements to consider are the style, colour and thickness of your blinds. Make sure the blinds you choose suit your lifestyle and the intended use for your space — most shops will allow you to try out a sample before committing to buy.

3. Add Cooling Window Films or Heat-Reflective Glass 

A conservatory typically has a lot more windows than any other room in the house. All that glass could turn the space into a sweltering greenhouse if you don’t take steps to keep the space cool. Cooling window films are a simple yet effective addition when having your conservatory installed. A discreet adhesive layer of film is stuck to the glass, which will reflect the vast majority of UV rays from the sun. Instead of letting in the full power of the sun’s heat, most of it will be reflected away from your property, keeping your conservatory cool without blocking out the natural light. An added bonus of adding window films is that your soft furnishings will be protected from damaging rays, which can cause unsightly colour fading. 

Heat-reflective glass is designed specifically for conservatories. It is easy to maintain and looks no different to ordinary glass, so the visual aesthetics of your conservatory will not be compromised. Notably, heat-reflective glass will not stop all heat getting into the room, but it will stop direct sunlight from making the space uncomfortably hot. As such, this special glass also helps to keep the heat in during the winter. 

There are a variety of glazing options available that can help keep your conservatory cool — you’ll be spoilt for choice! It’s worth doing your research and taking the time to choose the best option for you.

4. Let Some Air In!

It may seem like a no-brainer, but opening doors and windows can help to cool down a conservatory on hot days. Don’t wait until you want to use the room, only to find it too warm. Instead, keep the air flowing through the space for periods throughout the day. If you close the blinds and let the air in, you’ll have a cool, pleasant conservatory to enjoy. 

Adding a roof vent is an effective way to keep air flowing through your conservatory. Most conservatories would benefit from having at least one roof vent installed, which allow the warm air to escape and cool the temperature in the room. 

For an extra boost of cool air, install a ceiling fan or air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan will help the air circulate and flow through the room, while air conditioning units are more expensive but provide greater control over the temperature of the room, which may be important to you if you plan to use the room regularly. 

5. Keep Your Interior Design ‘Cool’

When it comes to creating a cool, calming atmosphere in your conservatory, every little helps. After the building work is complete, consider the interior design of your space with care. Choose cool colours like pastel shades when choosing furniture and decorations for your conservatory. These soft colours will help reflect heat and keep the room feeling cool. Lightweight furniture in natural materials such as wicker will also create a cool, summer feel. Finally, add a finishing touch to the room with some exotic green plants.

Start Planning Your Perfectly Cool Conservatory

There’s a lot to consider when planning your perfect conservatory and there are plenty of great ways to make it a practical and enjoyable space all year round. Whether you’re investing in a new project or seeking to upgrade an existing structure, there’s no shortage of methods to cool down your conservatory.

Are you looking for a cool conservatory design this summer? Fancy upgrading your existing extension? Visit our showroom or get in touch with one of our friendly advisors today!