Small Orangery Extension Ideas 

Opulence in Design – Small Orangery Extension Ideas 

If you are thinking of a new extension of your home, you may be keen to discover the Orangery. This building is a beautiful yet functional ancestor of the conservatory and is steeped in historical importance. Here at Brackenwood, we have plenty of ideas to get you started.

17th Century Orangeries.

The orangery that homeowners know and love, today, isn’t quite the same building as its 17th-century predecessor. The orangery was once a symbol of wealth and prestige. It began life as an external building built away from an opulent main house. It was typically set against the high wall of an expansive garden.

This type of building often housed exotic plants imported from distant lands, which were brought back to Europe and purchased by the elite of the day. Early Orangeries began springing up around this time in the British Isles. Their roots could solidly be found in Italy, as the look and usual decor of the building had that Mediterranean feel. Symmetrical and built on a grand scale, these buildings were an extension of one’s wealth. Owning one signified your prosperity. If you had one, you surely had money (and class – lots of class!).

18th Century Orangeries.

Citrus fruits became the most popular of things to grow inside. The orangery was the perfect place to house the weather-shy trees, that couldn’t stand the cold winter climate of Europe. In the 18th century, this building reached the height of popularity.

19th Century Orangeries.

By the 19th century, advancements were made in the production of glass, and the pitched glass roof that we know today came to life. Architects realised that more heat and light could be achieved with this increasingly affordable material, so more of it was incorporated into the design. During the industrial revolution (1750-1900), glass began to be manufactured in large sheets, inspiring architects, and designers to consider adding an orangery to more homes of varying sizes. This is a feature much adored by homeowners across the UK and the world.

Orangeries Today.

Modern orangeries still have a lot of popular traditional features: the support pillars and the pitched rooves, for example. However, today, fewer orange trees are kept in modern orangeries, and a lot more sofas and ornaments!

As the insides of our homes are more multi-functional, people use orangeries as home offices or lounge rooms, becoming a practical addition that adds both value and style.

Traditional Orangery Opulence. 

With its signature glazed roof and archetypal elegant stone pillars, as well as the decorative pelmet design, the traditional orangery is everything you would imagine from a building of this style and reputation.

With Brackenwood, there are many combinations of furnishings to bring that touch of class to your home. You can expect that signature quality with thermally efficient, conservation-approved, double-glazed windows. These allow for an abundance of natural light to flow freely into your home; keeping the cold weather outdoors – where it belongs.

We have an extensive range of fixtures and fittings, and you can choose between Patio Doors, French Doors, or Bi-Fold Doors. All stunning options that will sympathetically enhance the look of your property, these additions will bring you value and functionality. It will also allow for peace of mind that the extension of your home that you have always dreamed of is secure, warm, and stylish.

Modern Zest for a Contemporary Style.  

With a plethora of modern finishes to choose from, Brackenwood provides the options to help you bring a modern twist to that classic orangery design. This stylish revamp of the traditional building allows homeowners to open their homes up. This often reduces those beautiful wide brick pillars, replacing them with thinner, sleeker lines.

With that pitched roof, the contemporary orangery becomes a haven for bathing in natural light. Transform this room into a studio, a home office or even a lounge room for connecting with the outdoors. Fit this modern room with the latest technology, and this beautiful rendition of the classic orangery becomes a flexible, modern extension. Open your doors to a fresher, more spacious space for you and your family.

A champion of the traditional style, combined with solar performance glass and super-insulated columns, your contemporary orangery will provide a safe, warm space to entertain or keep the kids busy, whilst opening up either Bi-Fold or Sliding doors to bring a little of your garden into your home.

Lantern Orangery Loveliness. 

Brackenwood’s Lantern orangeries contain a feature that has evolved from the traditional and even the contemporary style of a pitched roof. The lantern roof light is crafted to fit perfectly on a modern, thermally efficient, low-pitch roof deck. It puts a completely different twist on the traditional roof style. The deck is almost flat with a small 5-degree pitch. This allows for water to flow freely, ensuring efficiency and longevity in the integrity of your roof.

The lantern roof floods your home with natural light, pouring into the room centrally, for a more private renovation that still seeks a lighter, brighter alternative to an enclosed roof. A high-performance choice for any home, Brackenwood orangeries function as a cutting-edge invention of style, design, and functionality.

The lantern roof light creates a stunning focal point in any room, but it serves as a favourite design feature in new kitchens, usually hovering over an island in the centre of the room.

Thermal Efficiency. 

With modern glazing solutions by Brackenwood, you will have A-rated windows that perform in all weather. Older windows let warm air escape. With the raised roof, you will have a central focal point that traps warm air, circulating it back into your home. Bringing in light and heat from the sun will also help to reduce your energy bills. Even with the extra addition to your building!

Natural Light. 

Your new orangery helps dial up the brightness in your home, making the indoor space seem airy and expansive. With floor-to-roof windows and a glass roof system that pulls light from a wider angle than flat roof lights, your new orangery will be a pleasantly peaceful space to enjoy, and a stylish addition to your home that will be the envy of all your neighbours!

With a choice of double or triple glazing, Brackenwood encourages you to customise your design, creating a totally unique, bespoke space tailored to your needs.


The orangery was once a unique extension emblematic of the rich. It carries with it the significant character and reputation of a building belonging to a distinguished home. A new Brackenwood installation facilitates modern design with traditional elegance, bringing value to your home – in both reputation and worth.

Which Style of Orangery Suits You? You Decide. 

At Brackenwood, delivering quality window and door installations has been our mission for a little over 35 years. Our team has a fine eye for detail. Our experience delivering the finest installations around the UK has meant that we understand your vision and your needs. We want you to be able to make the most informed choice that is carefully considered and planned out with one of our design specialists. We have plenty of examples to show you in-person to help you make a choice. Visit our showroom to discover more options.

The orangery is an elegant design, steeped in prestige, that makes homebuyers say “ooooo” – a lot! Therefore, they are a real showpiece in any home and certainly add value. The super-insulated columns mean Brackenwood’s orangeries will deliver comfort and style in equal measure. Delivering thermal efficiency levels five times higher than brick, Brackenwood windows flood your home with light and heat. This helps to trap warmth inside for a more energy-efficient solution to any space. It also adds solidity to your design.

The uPVC frames are a sleek design feature that helps tie your orangery together with your existing home. We also help with the planning application stage to take the pressure off you. Enjoy every moment as Brackenwood carefully transforms your home.

If you want to find out more about Brackenwood’s stunning orangery designs, contact our team today, who can help support you throughout the planning process and who will help make your orangery designs come to life.