The Differences Between Single Glazing & Double Glazing Explained

Many homeowners assume that the windows in all modern properties nowadays are the same, but this isn’t actually the case. Aside from there being different types and styles of windows, there are also different glazing options too and it is the glazing that can make the biggest difference to homeowners. Generally, the majority of windows will fall into one of the following categories; single glazed windows or double glazed windows. If you’re not overly sure what the difference is between these two glazing options, keep reading today.

What is single glazing?

As the name suggests, single glazed windows are simply made with one singular pane of glass. Typical this glass will range from 3mm to 10mm in thickness and this is the only thing separating your home from the outside environment.

What is double glazing?

As you may expect from the name, double glazed windows comprise of two panes. These are separated by a gap which was traditionally between 12mm and 16mm big, however, in modern double glazing, the gap will typically be 20mm.

The two panes will typically be 4mm thick each which means the overall sealed unit is approximately 28mm. This sealed unit is also filled with argon gas too, which is known for being denser than air.

The difference between these two glazing options

Aside from the obvious main difference, the number of glass panes, there are actually multiple other differences between these two glazing options. Below are some of the biggest differences between single and double glazing;

Insulation capabilities

This is probably the biggest difference between single and double glazing. Unfortunately, single glazed windows aren’t as thermally efficient as double glazed windows and they are unable to provide an adequate barrier from the outside. Generally speaking, double glazing has better insulation properties and, in turn, provides you with better temperature control indoors.

Energy efficiency

Due to the fact that double glazed windows are able to keep the cold out and the heat in effectively, many homeowners find that their energy bills are much lower than those who have single glazed windows too. Often, when swapping from single to double glazing, homeowners save as much as £30 a month on their bills.

Overall security

Security is another big difference as well. It is fair to say that a single pane of glass can be broken fairly easily and without much force, this makes single glazed windows a security risk for homeowners. On the contrary, double glazed windows are known for being much stronger and durable. They also tend to benefit from better locking systems nowadays too.

Amount of condensation

Condensation can be a big problem for homeowners, especially when it leads to damp and mould. The amount of condensation you see on your windows will differ depending on whether you have single or double glazing too. Many with only one pane of glass separating them from the cold outdoors experience more problems with condensation than those with two.

Soundproof qualities

Another difference is the ability to soundproof a room. Again, due to what is actually separating your home from what is going on outdoors, double glazing tends to be better for anyone who lives on a busy street. You can expect this glazing option to be much more effective than a single glazing alternative when it comes to blocking out everyday outdoor noise.

Purchasing new windows for your property

Hopefully, you will now know more about both single and double glazing as well as what the differences are between these two glazing options. It goes without saying that if you currently have single glazed windows at your property, it is worthwhile upgrading to double glazing and you can guarantee that you will thank yourself for doing so. If you would like to speak to a double glazing company in Surrey about this in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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