When wanting to invest in new windows, the vast majority of homeowners will opt for double glazing and it is fair to say that it is arguably one of the best things you can do. However, double glazing is available in a number of different frame styles and deciding which to choose isn’t always easy. Generally speaking, most homes in the UK these days have lipped casement windows and they have been a popular choice for many years now.  Casement windows are attached to their frame by hinges and they can be side or top hung. These windows always open outwards and they can be held open by a casement stay. Usually, they are in pairs within a common frame, but they can also be single windows too.  Nowadays, when considering installing casement windows, the alternative of flush casement windows will also be brought to homeowners attention and more of than not, this will be the style they end up opting for. If you’ve never heard of double glazed flush casement windows before and you’re wondering why they’re commonly chosen over the lipped style of window, keep reading today. 

What’s the difference between lipped casement and flush casement?

From a distance, flush casement windows look quite similar to lipped casement windows, but the window sash actually sits flush in its frame. The sash is the name given to the part of the frame that contains the glass, so essentially, when the part of the window that you open is sitting closed it will be completely flat rather than sitting ‘proud’ of the rest of the frame, so to speak.  Many homeowners don’t actually realise that the flush casement design is actually the original design of a casement window and it was used long before the lipped design and even before sliding sash windows

Why are double glazed flush casement windows popular?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners opt for flush casement over lipped casement windows and below are some of the biggest selling points of this particular style; 

Versatile in appearance

It isn’t uncommon for double glazed flush casement windows to be used in period properties that have a bit of character because they are traditional in appearance. They are often conservation and planning approved too which is beneficial for listed properties and conservation areas.  However, they also work brilliantly in modern minimalist properties too because of their classic understated look. They reduce the frame impact of a window and if you want clean lines, then this flat finish is perfect. They really are able to bring elegance and quality into every home.

Adaptable in design 

This style of window is adaptable in design and you can ensure that the finished look is everything you hoped it would be. From choosing the material, colour and finish to deciding on the hardware, you will be able to tailor all aspects of the design to suit your property. You will never need to worry about your windows looking out of place. 

Modern benefits  

Although they are more traditional in appearance, they still benefit from everything that modern windows have to offer. They are often A-Rated in energy efficiency due to the 28mm Argon gas sealed glazing unit and also incredibly secure thanks to their 13 point locking system. They really are able to offer you the very best in both style and performance.

Finding a local window company 

Hopefully, you will now know what flush casement windows are and, it goes without saying that if you’re considering standard lipped casement windows then it is well worth looking at this other alternative too. It is easy to see why so many homeowners end up choosing a flush design and you can guarantee that you will love the look of these windows once installed. So, you really should reach out to a local window company to find out more today.  Here at Brackenwood, we are a family-owned and run business that has been helping homeowners throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire with their home improvements for decades now. We are proud to be considered one of the leading installers of replacement windows in the local area and we will gladly assist you further in this regard. If you have any questions at all about double glazed flush casement windows or you’d like to see them in person, please feel free to pop into our showroom today.