There is no denying that there is such a vast selection of double glazed windows on the market these days. It really is possible for all homeowners to have beautifully unique windows that perfectly complement their home and when turning to the best company for your replacements, you won’t be limited at all in terms of design. Thankfully, this means that it is easier than ever before to find windows that meet all of your individual needs and requirements.  Whilst there are so many different options available to choose from, there are still some window combinations that remain popular amongst homeowners, one being; flush casement uPVC windows. This type of window paired with this material really is a great choice and it will work brilliantly at any style of property. If you’re wondering what makes flush casement uPVC windows the first choice for many homeowners, keep reading today. 

Understated elegant appearance

If you have ever seen flush casement windows in person, you will know that they are so simple yet so flawless. This type of window brings the beauty and elegance of heritage designs, but homeowners don’t experience any of the drawbacks of older windows. Flush casement uPVC windows also look symmetrical too which is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. 

Versatile in design 

No matter whether you live in an older property and you’d like traditional timber style joints and cottage bars or you live in a modern property and you’d like equal sightlines and modern handles, this is possible with flush casement windows. With a wide range of colours options available too, you can easily design your new windows to suit your home. 

Suitable for conservation areas

More often than not, flush casement windows can be used in conservation areas and on listed properties too. With a number of authentic styles and configurations available, they can easily recreate the look of traditional windows and they enable you to preserve the unique character of your home. This type of window will only ever complement its surroundings. 

Energy and thermal efficient

Due to the fact that flush casement uPVC windows feature modern technology, not only can they be made with double or triple glazing, but the frame itself will be energy efficient too. Whilst they may look traditional in appearance, they still have the same advantages as all other new windows and they will often come with an ‘A’ energy rating as well.

Incredibly low maintenance

UPVC is known for being one of the most low maintenance material options available for window frames and this is undeniably beneficial for a number of reasons. Unlike timber windows, you won’t have to worry about keeping on top of preventative maintenance and it is incredibly easy to keep flush casement uPVC windows looking their best for years to come. 

Affordable yet long-lasting 

Generally speaking, uPVC windows are also known for being one of the most affordable options available as well. Whilst flush casement uPVC windows look luxurious and expensive, they are much more ‘budget friendly’ than homeowners tend to realise. Just because they’re affordable, doesn’t mean they’re not durable either and they are known for being long-lasting. 

Investing in flush casement uPVC windows 

All in all, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to install flush casement windows these days and it is no surprise that lots of them are still opting for uPVC frames as well. This is undeniably a brilliant window combination and when wanting to replace the existing windows at your property, it is definitely worthwhile looking at flush casement uPVC windows in more detail. You can guarantee that they really will look amazing at your property.  When wanting to install flush casement uPVC windows, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood. We are a well-known and trusted installer of windows in the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire area, and we will gladly assist you further in this regard. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality windows and you can always purchase from us in confidence knowing that you will receive an insurance-backed 10-year guarantee. To speak to a member of our team about replacing your home’s windows, don’t hesitate to contact us today.