Designing An Orangery For Your Home

Lots of homeowners will turn to a conservatory when they’re wanting to create an extra living space in their home and there is no denying that there is a huge range of different types and styles of conservatories to choose from. Arguably, one of the best options available in this regard is an orangery as it is able to provide you with more of a separate room than other more integrated conservatory styles. 


Orangeries have been a popular choice amongst homeowners for decades now and they are just as versatile in terms of design as any other type of conservatory. So, if you’re wanting to install an orangery, you will have a lot to think about to ensure the final design is perfect for your home and its surroundings. If you’re just starting on this home improvement project, make sure you take some time to think about the following. 


The size and shape of the orangery 


Like all other types of conservatories, an orangery can be designed to match your budget and house design, so one of the first things to think about is the size and shape of this type of extension. You need to consider how much extra living space you need and also how much of your garden you’re willing to lose to the orangery. 


Traditionally, orangeries are square or rectangular in shape, but they can still be installed in the most convenient way for your property. Think about where the orangery would be best placed and what part of your property it will be coming off of. 


The materials used for this structure 


One of the main design features that makes an orangery different from other types of conservatories is the fact that it is built with brick or stone and orangeries tend to have a much lower glazing percentage for the overall structure. However, you will still need to think about the materials that are going to be used to make your orangery. 


Generally speaking, classic conservatories are available in uPVC, aluminium and timber, and even though you’re having an orangery, you will need to choose between these materials for the windows and doors that will be used, and also the glass lantern roof too. 


The windows and doors you’d like 


All orangeries feature a number of windows and doors around the structure and this is what helps to make this room so bright, airy and full of natural light. So, you will also need to consider which type/style of windows and doors you’re wanting to have installed and where you’d like them to be positioned in your orangery. 


Whether you opt for classic casement windows or modern tilt and turn windows, and traditional French doors or contemporary bifold doors, remember to think about the colour of the frames, the glass type and also the hardware you’d like as well. 


The added extras that you’re interested in


Once you have made most of the important decisions about the orangery design, you should think about the variety of optional extras that are available to you as well. From tie bars and roof vents to cresting detail and cornice, these things will all finish off your orangery design and help to ensure it has the look and feel you’re after. 


It is worthwhile thinking about lighting when you’re designing an orangery too and you may want to look into things such as pelmet systems that offer sophisticated perimeter lighting. Lighting is essential to ensure that the space is usable all day and not only when the sun is shining. 


Installing an orangery in Berkshire 


Conservatories really are one of the most commonly seen types of extensions and it is fair to say that an orangery is a brilliant addition to any home, and if you’re interested in installing one, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. When you’re working on an orangery design, taking some time to carefully consider all of the points mentioned above will help you to ensure that nothing is overlooked and the finished orangery is perfect for your home. 


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