Factors That Will Influence Your Door Replacement Quote

Whether you’re wanting to improve the appearance of your property or you’re looking to enhance its security, there is no denying that investing in new exterior doors is a brilliant solution. It goes without saying that there are multiple benefits to upgrading both your front door and any rear doors that you have at your property and this is always a worthwhile home improvement to invest in. 


One of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners who are wanting to replace their exterior doors is “how much will it cost?”, but unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to this question. There will be a number of different factors that influence the final door replacement quote that you’re given by a company and these can all dramatically affect the final price. So, to give homeowners an insight, below we have listed some of the most likely factors to impact their door replacement quote.

The type of door you’re purchasing 


This factor will play a vital role in the cost of your new doors and as you will probably expect, some types of doors are much more expensive than others. For example, you can expect front door prices to generally be less than bifold door prices. Of course, things like the number of panels you have in your bifold doors will influence the quote that you receive too. 


The material the door and the frame is made from 


It isn’t uncommon for door and frame materials to differ in costs too and generally speaking, you can expect uPVC doors and frames to be more affordable than composite doors and frames. You may even find that the colour you’d like the door and the frame material to be will affect the final quote that you’re given too. 

The glazing you opt for 


When you purchase an external door that features glass in its design, the type of glazing that you choose will also make a difference to your door replacement quote. In addition to whether you choose a single or double-glazed door, you can expect things such as patterned glass and coloured designs to change the price of the overall door as well. 


The hardware that you choose


More often than not, when investing in new doors for your property nowadays you will have control over the hardware. You can expect the handle, letter plate, knocker and house numbers that you choose to influence your door replacement quote. You may even find that the security you choose for the door to make a difference as well. 


The company you turn to 


This is another factor that will play a big role in the door replacement quote that you receive. You may find that some companies offer you different quotes for almost identical door designs, and whilst it can be tempting to, you shouldn’t always opt for the cheapest in this regard. Often, higher quotes will be given for a reason and this can be due to the manufacturing process or the quality of the materials used, for example.  


The installation process


When getting your new exterior doors installed by the company who you are purchasing from, you can expect this to influence the final figure that you’re provided as well. Whilst typically, the installation costs will be written separately to the cost of the door itself on your door replacement quote, it will still affect the total amount that you pay to a company. 


Getting a door replacement quote 


All in all, there really are a number of different factors that will influence your door replacement quote and you will notice just how much these quotes can differ if you request the price for lots of different exterior door designs. Of course, if you’re wanting to invest in new doors for your property but you’re worried about the costs associated with doing so, be sure to check out the finance options available to you, they can help to make this home improvement affordable. 


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