How Did French Doors Get Their Name?

French doors were initially designed in seventeenth-century France, as floor-length windows leading out on to small balconies. Inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, French doors provide ample light and a sense of space, something that was much prized in the dimly lit spaces of pre-electricity homes.

French doors were initially conceived in seventeenth century France, hence the name. They were floor-length windows that led out onto very small balconies, intended to let light and air into the dimly lit spaces of pre-electricity households. 

The design of the French door was heavily influenced by the art and architectural ideals of Renaissance Italy, something that French generals and soldiers were exposed to during the late sixteenth-century war between France and Italy. 

The new French door placed an emphasis on light, proportion and symmetry.  Its elegant and airy design allowed light to pass through large glass panels that were supported by solid wood or wrought iron frames. French doors usually came in a pair and were constructed from individual, single-paned pieces of glass and wood that stretched from floor to ceiling. 

The Growing Popularity of French Door Designs

Quickly becoming popular across France, Italy, Great Britain and New York, the French Door evolved into an attractive and sophisticated design. Originally the doors were crafted from wrought iron and wood, but over time clients were able to choose from various wood types, panel numbers and designs. 

Varieties of French doors include folding French doors that are ideal for areas where expanded space is a priority, such as restaurants and cafes, and upper-level balcony French doors that connect with an outdoor balcony area.

Modern French doors are made with a wide variety of materials – wood, PVC and aluminium being most popular. Brackenwood provides the highest quality French doors beautifully made in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with your decor and home furnishings. 

Over twenty glass designs are available to choose from, and you can view many examples of French door composition at the Brackenwood showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Our 10 point door locking system provides you with maximum security and peace of mind. We offer a premium upgrade to Brackenwood Composite SBD-licensed sold or limited glazed doors, for the ultimate protection.

The Benefits of French Doors

There are many benefits to installing French doors in your home, including:

  • A sense of spaciousness and light due to the floor-length windows
  • Many different styles and designs to choose from, including white PVC frames, aluminium constructions or solid wood frames with a huge range of glass panels to choose from
  • More versatility than an open archway or standard connecting door
  • Better views of your garden or grounds than doors with smaller windows
  • French doors promote energy savings, keeping heat or cooled air within the room
  • Many different styles to choose from, including sliding and louvred French doors with space-saving designs
  • Better security provided by Brackenwood’s signature police-approved door locks that are tested, certified and safety guaranteed.

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