How Much Value Will a Conservatory Really Add to Your House?

A well-constructed glass conservatory made from premium materials will add a lot of value to your home — on average, around £15,000, or 5% of your home’s overall value.

Conservatories offer a light, bright and beautiful way to increase your entertaining and living space. If your conservatory is built using the best quality materials by master craftsmen, it can increase the value of your property by around five per cent — an average of around £15,000.

The amount of value that a conservatory will add to your property depends on the quality of construction and materials used. A cheaper uPVC conservatory can actually deter buyers, as it can feel very dated and fail to maintain the level of heat regulation that a modern, well-constructed conservatory offers. We don’t recommend the installation of basic kit conservatories like this, as they are highly unlikely to offer the quality, return on investment and aesthetic appeal that a bespoke conservatory will.

How to Add the Most Value to Your Home with a Conservatory

Here are some important points to consider when installing a conservatory if you hope to maximise your return on investment:

  1. Balance garden space with conservatory size. It’s important that you take into consideration how much garden space you are losing when building your conservatory. Make sure to strike a balance, as minimising outdoor space can cause a negative return on investment.
  2. South-facing conservatories get the maximum amount of sunlight. Try to build your conservatory in a position to gain the most sunlight; east and west-facing gardens will gain sunlight too, but only during specific times of the day.
  3. Stay in keeping with your home’s style. If you have a traditional home, a modern conservatory could detract from the look of your property and lessen its value. Many classic and elegant consevatory styles are available from Brackenwood, including stunning Loggia constructions with angular lines and optional spotlights, and solid roof conservatories with optional extras like roof vents, glazing upgrades and solid sidewalls
  4. Speak to a local estate agent about how much value a conservatory can add to your home. Deciding on the right style, construction and size of conservatory will have a big impact on its potential value — a local estate agent will help you ascertain the return on investment available.
  5. Use a reputable local firm with an impressive portfolio. Brackenwood has been upgrading homes across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey since 1987. We’re proud to have installed thousands of exceptional-quality conservatories and would be delighted to show you our portfolio of recent work or introduce you to the different styles available at our Basingstoke showroom.

Important note: While in most cases, a conservatory doesn’t require planning permission, it will need to comply with Building Regulations.

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