How To Choose a Company For a Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatories have been a popular type of extension for decades now and lots of homes here in the UK will benefit from a conservatory. However, many with old glass or polycarbonate roofs are choosing to upgrade their conservatories these days. Lots of homeowners are having a conservatory roof replacement and this home improvement project is incredibly effective in improving the usability of any conservatory. 


As it becomes increasingly common for homeowners to install slate and tiled roofs on their conservatories, more and more companies are starting to offer replacement services. Due to this, it isn’t always easy for those wishing to have their conservatory roof replaced to find the best company to assist them. So, to help anyone who wants to go ahead with this project, below are some tips for choosing the best company for conservatory roof replacements. 


Never choose a company that doesn’t offer a guarantee 


This is undeniably the best tip anyone can give to a homeowner that is interested in undertaking a conservatory roof replacement. This is a fairly big project and one that can be reasonably expensive, so any company offering to assist you should provide a lengthy guarantee for the work. Generally speaking, guarantees tend to be around 10 years long and if you’re offered anything less than this, it is advisable to choose a different company for the project. 


Ensure you know who is going to complete the installation process


Lots of homeowners don’t realise that some companies hire external contractors to complete the installation of their solid conservatory roof replacements and this can sometimes be risky. To prevent any worry at all in this regard, it is beneficial to find a company that has its own team of dedicated installers and that doesn’t subcontract their work. You can then have complete peace of mind that the installation will be completed in accordance with the JHAI.


Look for companies who show off pictures of previous projects


Companies that have been completing conservatory roof replacements for many years will have an impressive portfolio of previous projects. The vast majority of the time, they will gladly show off their work and many will have online galleries. Always take a look at these pictures as they are a brilliant way to get a feel for the quality of a company’s work. If a company doesn’t have any images of previous projects, even upon request, this should be a red flag. 


Double-check for positive reviews on independent websites 


Whenever you’re choosing a company to help with big home improvement projects you should always read some reviews before deciding who you’d like to work with. Finding out what previous customers thought of the service provided by a company is so important and these reviews can help to prevent you from making a big mistake. Ideally, try to read reviews on independent review sites, like Feefo, so that you know they are legitimate. 


Make sure that you’re able to customise your new solid roof 


Of course, it is always important to ensure that a company is actually able to supply you with the type of conservatory roof that you’re looking for too. So, you need to properly look into their services and make some enquiries about things like customisation if it isn’t clear. Ideally, there should be many customisable options for you to choose from enabling you to find something that complements your home and you should never have to compromise in this regard. 


Getting a conservatory roof replacement in Hampshire 


Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a replacement conservatory roof, hopefully, the tips above will help you to find the best company to assist you. It goes without saying that the company you choose will directly influence the success of this home improvement project and you will definitely thank yourself for taking your time when choosing who you’d like to guide you through the process of getting a solid conservatory roof. 


When you’re wanting to have a conservatory roof replacement in Hampshire, our team here at Brackenwood are by far the best people to reach out too. We are incredibly proud to be considered one of the leading installers of windows, doors and conservatories in the local area and we have also been working with solid conservatory roofs for many years now. You can rest assured knowing that your conservatory will be in experienced hands with our team and our 10-year guarantee will provide additional peace of mind too. We look forward to assisting you further with your conservatory roof replacement in Hampshire.