Changing a Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof to a Flat or Glass Roof 

Making Changes to Your Conservatory Roof

Conservatories are one of the most desired home improvements that a homeowner can make. They can provide lots of usable, extra space. This would open your home and provide your family with a safe, warm place to play and grow.  

A conservatory is also a great way to add light and warmth to your home. At the same time, you can open your indoor space to incorporate a little of the outdoors. Watching the birds soar and the plants grow is amazing. Being able to gaze up at the stars from the comfort and warmth of your home through a pitched roof at night is an incredible experience that is hard to beat.  

However, there are many reasons why you might want to remove your old polycarbonate conservatory roof and replace it with a solid, flat roof. Let’s explore some reasons why a homeowner (like yourself), would change their conservatory roof. Let’s also consider the benefits of making a change, now. 

It’s Cold (Inside My Conservatory) 

You bought a house in Spring, seeing that it had extra space with a beautiful conservatory attached, which was the hook you really needed to push you over the line to make the offer. However, you didn’t know that the conservatory had been built a long time ago and that the windows weren’t energy efficient, letting out lots of heat in the winter. The final straw for you was when, one day, you realised that you had blocked off the door to the conservatory, because you just didn’t use that space anymore. It had become a cold, unpleasant place to sit, and it just wasn’t worth the extra money to heat your home, only to let all your money fly straight out the window – literally! 

Unfortunately, some homes that had conservatories installed in the 80s in the UK, are still suffering from highly inefficient extensions that let the heat out and the cold, in. Built with short-lasting rooves made from polycarbonate material, these conservatories are compromised, letting in damp and cold, thanks to the law of physics that says warm air rises – making your home cold. 

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring – But There’s No Chance of Snoring 

Another reason that you may want rid of your old conservatory roof, is the noise. Old polycarbonate rooves make such a noise when it is raining – so much so that it is difficult to hear people talking next you (when that typical British rain begins). The sound insulation of this material is not good, meaning that on those days that you are trying to relax or enjoy some peace and quiet, it’s very unlikely you’ll get any. Your polycarbonate roof certainly won’t perform the way you’d like it to, on days like this. 

Rhythm of The Falling Rain on My Conservatory Roof

There are some obvious signs that your conservatory roof is failing. However, you probably didn’t notice the early warning signs. Are you seeing condensation on the windows, more cold creeping in, or even frosty windows? The most moving sign that your old roof is failing, is the drip of raindrops on the floor or the sill. It is usually only in extreme circumstances like this when we finally act. Until this point, we avoid dealing with the problems, because we are scared to find out the cost of s replacement glass or flat roof, but you would be surprised how much a Brackenwood can save you. 

Cruel Summer 

If you are moving into your new home in summer, all ready to get out and enjoy the garden and the conservatory, then now is a good time to take stock of the temperature in your conservatory. If your conservatory is too hot with the doors open and shut, it is a clear sign that your roof is not fit for purpose. It ends up being a bit of a cruel summer; you wanted to enjoy your new conservatory, but the heat is pouring in and it’s getting trapped – a bit like a greenhouse. The only tomato that’s growing in your conservatory, however, is your partner, who has turned a lovely shade of red from all the heat. 

It’s Time for an Upgrade 

All these reasons are good motivators to get some work done on your conservatory. This change will help you make full use of the extra floor space in your home. The polycarbonate roof may have spurred you on to consider a fully covered flat roof, instead of a glass ceiling. 

With a Brackenwood conservatory roof replacement, there are lots of benefits to look forward to: 

  • Easy Installation
  • Cost effective 
  • No maintenance  
  • Long-term protection from the weather 
  • Balancing room temperature – cool in summer, but warm in winter 
  • Excellent sound insulation to the same standard as your home 

With Brackenwood, all this is possible. Energy efficiency will be an even bigger possibility with Brackenwood’s stunning window options and our ten-year guarantee. We can work with you to change that inefficient polycarbonate roof to eliminate the problem of noise. It will also create a long-lasting, weather-proof solution that is fully insulated, creating a warm and cosy space to enjoy, whilst keeping out the cold. There will be no work required to keep your roof looking its best.  

If you choose to go with a flat or tiled roof instead, Brackenwood have plenty of options to choose from. A terrific addition to your new conservatory roof, is a roof light or dome. This allows plenty of natural light to flood into your home: maintaining that natural look during the day. Brackenwood windows are thermally efficient, meaning that they keep out the cold and let heat in, regulating the temperature for a pleasant feel all year round, whilst letting light make the space brighter.  

Planning Permission

In 2010, planning regulations changed, allowing conservatories to have a solid roof without the need for planning permission. Before this change, the law stated that for your building to be considered a conservatory, 75% of the roof needed to be see-through for it to be constructed without planning permission. Planning regulations in 2010 changed this, which made solid roofing on conservatories popular. However, it is best to check with your Brackenwood representative to make sure that your conservatory is compliant.

Cost Effective 

A Brackenwood flat conservatory roof installation is the most cost-effective solution to all your conservatory woes. If your budget is tight, it might be a fantastic opportunity to save money, whilst developing the space into a pleasant room for all to enjoy. If you are looking to make the switch from a polycarbonate roof to a glass one, then Brackenwood has plenty of options to suit any budget in our range.

Courage to Change 

Whilst we cannot give you a direct quote over the phone, have courage. Taking measures to modernise your conservatory now, will prevent longer lasting damage to your conservatory and your home later. Don’t be put off. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions out there. Take advantage of some helpful planning and advice from Brackenwood and make the step to alter your conservatory, today. 

Upgrading your old conservatory roof can create a pleasant, peaceful space that is warm and cosy, whilst saving money. With conservatory specialists like Brackenwood, your design ideas come to life. Get in touch and wave your inefficient old conservatory roof goodbye. Make way for a sleek, new design that is mindful of your budget and your needs. Take control of your home. You won’t regret it. 

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If you want more information on how Brackenwood can help you change your conservatory roof, contact one of our team, today, on 0330 912 0963.