Do I Need a FENSA Certificate for a Front Door?

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If your door is constructed from 50% or more glass, you should have a FENSA certificate to certify compliance with Building Regulations.

FENSA is an independent body that certifies double glazing work, ensuring that it meets the minimum requirements specified by Building Regulations. If your door is constructed from more than fifty per cent glazing, and it was installed post-2006 (when the FENSA scheme was introduced), you will need to supply a FENSA certificate should you go on to sell your home.

The certification confirms for mortgage providers and potential buyers that your double glazing complies with Building Regulations, is built using energy-efficient products and has been registered with the local council. Compliance and registration are required by law, and it is your responsibility to make sure installations are registered with your local council.

If you are asked to produce a FENSA certificate for your double glazing work and can’t, you may need to pay for an inspection by building control and have your installer rectify any non-compliance issues found by the building inspector.

It is possible to find and order your FENSA certificate online by searching for your address and house number. If your installation company was a FENSA-Approved Installer at the time your front door was installed, and it notified FENSA that the job was complete, you will be able to find and download your certificate from the FENSA website. There will be a small fee to pay when downloading your certificate.

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