Popular Contemporary Hardware For New Double Glazed Front Doors

It goes without saying that whenever you purchase a new front door for your home, there are so many important elements of the design to consider. From the overall style to the colour, it is essential to make sure that everything is perfect, after all, your front door plays a vital role in ensuring that your home gives off the best first impression. Arguably, this is one of the most important exterior doors at your property.

Nowadays, homeowners have so much control over the design of their doors and this means they can even choose the hardware that is installed too. These finishing touches really can transform the look of a door and they will make or break a design. If you’re currently wanting to purchase a new double glazed front door and you’re looking for some hardware inspiration, below are some popular contemporary options to consider.

Matte black door hardware

Traditionally, front doors would usually feature stainless steel or polished chrome door handles and letter plates, but it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to move away from this. In fact, lots of homeowners are opting for matte black hardware at the moment and this can provide a really chic look, especially if you contrast the hardware to your door colour.

Bow door handles

Long are the days of simple lever door handles, many homeowners are making a statement with their front door handles these days. Both long and short bow door handles are chosen for many new double glazed front doors and they brilliantly complement a huge range of different designs. More than just functionality is important when choosing a door handle these days.

Long bar door handles

In addition to bow door handles, an incredibly popular choice for entrance doors is long bar handles. These tend to be nearly as tall as the door itself and this handle trend has been around for a couple of years now, but it definitely isn’t going anywhere. Available in both classic circular and modern square designs, long bar door handles are always a brilliant choice.

Decorative windows

Whilst this isn’t technically door hardware, it often influences a lot of decisions made about hardware so it is worth noting. An increasing number of homeowners are incorporating a number of smaller windows into their front door design. From square to diamond windows, it has never been so popular to have multiple windows in a pattern on an entrance door.

Low letter plates

Due to the fact that so many homeowners are opting for decorative windows in the new double glazed front doors, they are having to install low letter plates and this is now incredibly common. Even those who don’t have lots of windows on their entrance door will choose to install the letter plate lower and this can look amazing on really simplistic front door designs as well.

Minimalist door knockers

Door knockers have been a common sight on doors for decades now and even though there are a number of modern doorbells with added security features available, lots of homeowners still choose to have a door knocker. These tend to be more minimalistic in terms of design than they used to be though and simple circular or square knockers are a popular choice.

Designing a new double glazed front door

Of course, there are a number of different design factors that will influence your decision when it comes to choosing the hardware for your new entrance door, but hopefully, the contemporary options mentioned above will have given you some inspiration. There is no denying that all of these different pieces can look amazing on a modern front door and it is easy to see why they are so popular amongst homeowners these days.

When searching for a company that can assist you with a new double glazed front door, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood. We will gladly work with you to design a new uPVC or composite door for your home and you can rely on us to supply and fit a front door that meets all of your needs. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality doors and you will never have to worry about your home’s security when you purchase from us. If you have any questions at all about external doors, feel free to get in touch with our team today.