The Benefits Of Replacing Old Timber Windows With New UPVC Windows

For centuries, wooden windows have been used in domestic properties and even now, many homes still feature timber windows. These windows do have their advantages and it is easy to see why they were used for such a long period of time, however, many experts will argue that wood is no longer the best material available for replacement windows. In fact, uPVC is considered to be the go-to material for all modern windows nowadays. 


A huge number of homeowners up and down the country have installed uPVC windows and they are an incredibly popular choice for all styles of properties. If you still have timber windows at your home and you’re wondering whether it is worthwhile upgrading to double-glazed uPVC windows, below we have highlighted some of the biggest benefits to doing so. You can trust that uPVC replacement windows are always a worthwhile investment. 


They are much less maintenance


As the owner of a home with timber windows, you will know just how much maintenance they require to look their best. However, uPVC windows practically take care of themselves. Once they have been installed they will require very little maintenance and simply wiping the frame down every now and then with warm soapy water will keep them looking as good as new.


They are incredibly affordable 


If you have looked into replacement timber windows then you will be aware of just how expensive they are and uPVC windows are a fraction of the price of new wooden windows. You will struggle to find a more affordable solution than uPVC when it comes to window materials and there really are uPVC windows available to suit all budgets. 


They are very energy efficient


Old timber windows are notorious for draughts and it is likely that a lot of heat is escaping from your home through your windows, even when they’re closed. As soon as you upgrade to uPVC windows, your home will be much more energy efficient and it is likely that you will save a lot of money on heating and also cooling your home throughout the year. 


They are much more secure 


Your windows are one of the weakest points in your home and timber windows can be quite easy for criminals to break in through. Thankfully, modern windows in general are more secure with advanced locking systems, but uPVC frames and double glazing glass will also help to keep your home safe. You can have peace of mind knowing that they’re incredibly secure. 


They are just as versatile in design 


Even though uPVC is a modern material, it still works brilliantly at older properties and you have a wide range of windows to choose from when you opt for this material. With various window types, styles, colours, finishes and hardwear available, there is the perfect design for every property. So, you won’t have to compromise because you move away from timber. 


They are really durable


Over time, timber windows tend to deteriorate and they aren’t always able to withstand harsh weather conditions, but this isn’t something you have to worry about with uPVC windows. This material is known for its durability and uPVC windows will last for decades to come, remaining in good condition and not being affected by even the most extreme weather conditions.


They are able to add value to your home 


It is worth noting that by simply replacing your old timber windows with uPVC windows you will be adding value to your property and making your home much more sellable. New windows can improve your kerb appeal and the overall appearance of your property too. Even if you don’t sell for many years, having uPVC windows will still work to your advantage.


Finding uPVC window suppliers in Surrey


There is no denying that whilst timber was the first choice for windows for a very long time, nowadays uPVC is the superior material and there really are numerous benefits to replacing your old windows with modern uPVC alternatives. Whether you decide to install uPVC sliding sash windows or uPVC casement windows, you can guarantee that they will look amazing and they will be much better for your property than the existing old timber windows. 


When searching for a uPVC window supplier in Surrey, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood. We will gladly assist you with your replacement windows and with a wide range of high quality products to choose from, you can trust that we will have the perfect uPVC windows and doors for your home. You can turn to us in confidence knowing that we have been assisting homeowners with home improvement projects since 1987 and you will be in the best hands with our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts.