With a legacy spanning over three decades, Brackenwood is not just a brand; it's a testament to quality, trust, and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

For double glazed tilt and turn windows, join the Brackenwood Family. If you're on a quest to enhance your home's energy efficiency and reduce those escalating utility bills, Brackenwood awaits with open arms. With their impeccable range of tilt & turn windows and a team that's always eager to assist, your journey towards a greener home is just a call away on 0330 912 0064.

Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows in Reading, Hampshire and Berkshire

Brackenwood frequently replaces old casement or sash windows with new insulated tilt and turns. Local families love the convenience for ventilating rooms without compromising children's safety. The full-opening function also serves as emergency access, providing peace of mind. Versatility, fresh air, and security - it's easy to see the everyday appeal.

With local area managers in Reading, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Dorset, and Wiltshire, we offer a wide range of tilt and turn windows to choose from. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect windows for your home, with expert local installers who make upgrading old wood, uPVC and Aluminium framed windows.

Message us online today to set your home improvement experience in motion at the most convenient date for you and your family. Our responsive online team puts you on directly on the path to your dream home.

With our online window designer tool you can create your own bespoke tilt and turns to seamlessly integrate into period homes or contemporary spaces. Homeowners can select materials, colors, glazing patterns, and hardware to perfectly complement their property's style. We manufacture to very precise specifications so you can enjoy the ideal fit.

Local area mangers around Surrey, West Sussex, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Tilt and turn windows offer the best of both worlds - the ability to tilt the top sash inwards for gentle ventilation while also turning the entire frame open like a door for full access. This flexibility suits most homeowners' needs.

Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows - The Cool Solution

Tilted open slightly, fresh air flows in without chill or rain. Fully opened side-to-side, tilt and turns enable easy cleaning and maximum air circulation.

Discuss aeration, cool summer breeze through windows, By far one of the biggest benefits to this type of window is the versatility that you have when it comes to how it opens. Being able to tilt the window for some ventilation or fully open it to clean the exterior glass, is what draws the majority of people to tilt and turn windows.  

Aluminium frame double glazed windowes in this style provide a smooth and seamless operation and are an ideal solution for high rise buildings where internal glazing and ease of cleaning are essential. Their unique polyamide thermal breaks provide excellent levels of thermal efficiency for a warmer home or building. They are made from sustainable aluminium making them a Brackenwood eco-friendly popular product.

Why Tilt And Turn Windows Are So Popular Amongst Homeowners?
By far one of the biggest benefits to this type of window is the versatility that you have when it comes to how it opens. Being able to tilt the window for some ventilation or fully open it to clean the exterior glass, is what draws the majority of people to tilt and turn windows. 

Investing in Energy Efficient Windows

Tilt and turns double glazing windows can be made in both double and triple glazed for optimal insulation. Preventing heat transfer means lower energy bills - savings that offset the initial investment. Energy efficient windows also reduce carbon footprint, aligning with Brackenwood's commitment to sustainability. Brackenwood's environmental statement resonates with a promise - a promise of superior energy efficiency. You are easily able to check the thermally efficiency online with the BFRC.

All our double-glazed windows, boasting an A++ Window Energy Rating, stand as a testament to this commitment. Certified by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC), these windows are not just about aesthetics; they're about creating a sustainable future. With U-values as low as 0.8 and a WER of A++32 on their Triple Glazed Windows, Brackenwood ensures that homes are not just warm, but also environmentally friendly.

But how do you gauge the energy efficiency of your home? The answer lies in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the UK. By engaging an accredited Energy Assessor through the Energy Performance Register, homeowners can get insights into their home's energy rating. This isn't just beneficial for those selling their homes. Understanding your home's energy rating can help:

  • Save significantly on energy bills.
  • Enhance the comfort of your living space.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint.
  • Boost your property's market value when the time comes to sell.
  • Aluminium frame double glazed widows can last up to 50 years, with uPVC windows being the more affordable option performing for around 30 years

Basingstoke Showroom - Brackenwood's Legacy in Home Improvements

From the historic streets of Winchester to the bustling avenues of our Basingstoke showroom, Brackenwood's presence is felt across Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire. Their tilt & turn windows, available in a plethora of designs and materials, are transforming homes, making them more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. An on-site assessment is always complimentary, providing an in-person visit where your local regional Manager gathers details about your property and project vision.

Meticulous measurements taken during the assessment mean future installations fit perfectly. For homeowners pondering over window replacements, Brackenwood emerges as the trusted partner. Their expertise, combined with a deep understanding of local architectural nuances, ensures that every window installed is a perfect fit, both in design and purpose.

In today's digital world, the fastest route to beginning your next home upgrade project may be right at your fingertips. Homeowners across the region are discovering the ease of initiating contact with Brackenwood Windows through online messaging.

Aluminium Tilt n Slide Windows for High Rise Apartments

As a change of pace, here's a short story called "A Perfect View Through The Window"

She sipped her morning tea, gazing out the wall of floor-to-ceiling tilt and turn windows in her riverfront high-rise apartment.

The slim aluminium frames maximised the view of the shimmering waterway below, where the weeping willow's branches swayed gently in the breeze. The longest willow branches gently swept the surface of the River Test, along with the eddies and ripples along the green and lush banks.

Outside, families picnicked along the banks while couples strolled hand in hand, some held wildflowers to their noses with pure appreciation for our planet. The peaceful scene lifted her spirits, as it did each day. She smiled watching two children point excitedly as a pair of swans floated by. Their mother snapped photos to capture the moment.

Nearby, an elderly fisherman sat concentrating, waiting patiently for a catch. As she took another sip, a tourist ambled over and struck up a conversation with the man.

Just then, a bold mallard waddled over to the fisherman's tackle box, spying a brown paper bag. Sensing an easy meal, he snatched the bag and hurried away with his surprising speed.

"Hey!" the fisherman shouted, spinning around. But the duck had already scurried off triumphantly with the stolen sandwiches.

The tourist burst out laughing. "Well, I guess that's one way to catch lunch around here."

The fisherman groaned and shook his head. "Darn thieves. That Mallard Fagin snags my food every time."

They shared a chuckle at shared knowledge; He is a mallard duck who lives in the river near the woman's apartment. He is known for being a thief, and he often steals food from the fisherman and other people who are enjoying the river.. She smiled, taking one last look at the happy scene below before getting ready to head out. As she left her apartment, she made a mental note to bring some stale sultana scone crumbs next time to share with the local wildlife. Because after all, there's no harm in having a little extra to go around.

Later that week as she cleaned her new tilt and turn windows, she felt rather smug that the Brackenwood consultant had specifically recommended them because of her building's construction. Her previous Victorian sash windows could never get fully clean.

The consultative visit also connects you with Brackenwood's experts who offer tailored recommendations based on your home's unique characteristics. Their insights assure you select the optimal solutions.

Starting the conversation online establishes open communication from the very first interaction. You can feel confident having all questions and concerns addressed upfront by the Brackenwood team. Can't wait to see what we offer? Download an on-demand Digital Home Improvement Brochure instantly.