What are Sliding Sash Windows?

Sliding Sash windows have graced homes for centuries, offering an elegant and striking look that remains popular today.

Brackenwood’s Sliding Sash windows have, themselves, been carefully developed over 25 years with precision engineering in order to match the classic Timber vertical-sliding sash down to the smallest details.

We want to emulate these much-loved designs to ensure that homeowners today have modern solutions that complement their home’s style, as well as remain affordable, with as little maintenance as possible to complement busy lives.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this classic style, from its origins to the choice of materials, double-glazing benefits, and how you can get Sliding Sash windows with Brackenwood.

Sliding Sash windows have a timeless appeal. This ideally suits period properties.

Example of a Sliding Sash

The History of Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash windows originated in 17th-century Europe, though no one knows their exact point of origin. Many credit the Dutch with its creation, whilst others remain firm that philosopher and architect Robert Hooke invented them. He aimed to improve natural air circulation and ventilation in buildings during that time.

There is also speculation that this type of window may have originated in France. The word ‘sash’ means ‘chassis’ or ‘frame’ in French, indicating that they may be of French creation.

They were first introduced in London in the late 1600s. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, homeowners were said to have been paranoid about the safety of their homes.

Before the fire, window sills did not exist in homes. However, after the fire building regulation came to pass laws about the types of windows needed to make homes safer.

In 1709, the British Buildings Act came into force, stating that all homes had to have window sills. This is when the Sliding Sash style underwent mass installation in homes around London.

Original timber sash windows were incredibly popular.

Moving Forwards Through Time

Since that time, Sliding Sash has become a much-loved addition to homes all across the UK, and some of the earliest examples can still be seen today.

The earliest surviving examples of Sliding Sash windows in the UK can be found in Ham House, in Richmond, London. They date from the 1670s and display many early design features, like beautiful astragal bars. This type of window went on to become known as the ‘Georgian’ Sash window.

They gained significant popularity during the Georgian (1714-1837) and Victorian eras (1837-1901). They have since become synonymous with traditional British architecture. The classic elegance and functionality of the Sliding Sash style has really cemented its role as a staple in both period and modern properties.

Modern Sliding Sash

What Are Sliding Sash Windows?

Sliding Sash windows are designed with two or more sashes or individual frames that hold each pane. There will typically be a ‘top-hung’ and ‘bottom-hung’ or top and bottom sash. The sashes slide in a traditional style, creating an opening which allows fresh air and natural light to pour into your home.

Designed with two or more sashes that slide vertically, an opening is created to let in fresh air and natural light.

Their enduring appeal lies in their perfect balance of form and function, adding character to buildings while providing excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view.

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Sliding Sash Windows Today

Vertical Sliding Sash windows saw a decline in popularity in the 20th century. Unfortunately, the amount of maintenance needed to keep the windows in excellent working condition became too much for homeowners whose lives ultimately became busier.

The Timber frames also caused extra maintenance. Early styles used to warp due to the lack of modern treatment to the wood. This also meant that they needed regular painting every two-three years, which added further costs to homeowners.

Thankfully, the 21st century saw a timely shift back to this style with the creation of uPVC frames and easy cleaning glass.

The high-quality uPVC Sliding Sash windows provides homeowners with an affordable alternative to traditional Timber frames. This means that maintenance is few and far between.

uPVC windows hold their shape particularly well, and they do not warp or require regular painting to remain looking their best.

Double-glazed Sash windows are the most popular choice available today.

Choosing the Material for Your Sliding Sash

When it comes to choosing a material for your Brackenwood Sliding Sash windows, there are several options to consider, including Timber, uPVC, and Aluminium.

Timber is the traditional choice, providing a classic look that is perfect for period properties. However, it requires regular maintenance, such as painting and sealing, to prevent rot and to help maintain its appearance.

On the other hand, uPVC and Aluminium Sliding Sash installations require much less maintenance than their ancestors.

They are available in a range of finishes that look like Timber. uPVC is known for its insulating properties, energy efficiency, and affordability.

This makes it an incredibly popular choice among homeowners. Aluminium windows are also low-maintenance and offer exceptional durability and strength, ideal for those seeking a long-lasting option that looks beautifully modern.

Ultimately, the best material for your installation depends on your needs and desired look.

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Windows on Finance

The Benefits of Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash windows are a popular choice among homeowners who want a classic look for their homes. despite their traditional look, they have all the efficiency and reliability of windows like the popular Casement window thanks to Brackenwood’s installation techniques.

Sliding Sashes can cater to conservation area requirements, as they deliver an accurate traditional detailing that resembles Timber. Moreover, they are compatible with a range of glazing options that can help homeowners improve their homes’ energy efficiency and security.

One of the primary benefits is their energy efficiency. Brackenwood’s sliding sash collection, for example, utilises modern manufacturing techniques to ensure no heat loss, helping you to lower your energy bills. This allows homeowners to enjoy the timeless beauty without sacrificing today’s energy efficiency standards.

In addition to energy efficiency, Sliding Sash windows also offer enhanced security features. Brackenwood windows, for example, come with multi-point locking systems and strong materials, such as durable Timber or low-maintenance uPVC. These security measures provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their windows are safe and secure.

Lastly, Sliding Sash windows require very little maintenance, especially when compared to traditional Timber frame windows. Brackenwood’s collection, in particular, is designed with low-maintenance materials and expert craftsmanship. This results in a long-lasting and beautiful addition to any home.

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Brackenwood’s Sliding Sash Designs

At Brackenwood, you can get expertly crafted, impeccably finished Sliding Sash windows that are indistinguishable to Timber frames. That’s all thanks to our unique in-house design solutions. These ensure that we offer homeowners the most current, energy-efficient, thermally-insulated windows that are super easy to maintain.

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Brackenwood offers an extensive choice of materials and frame styles to suit any design or period. This allows you to find the perfect windows for your home. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each option, considering factors such as maintenance, energy efficiency, and cost, to make an informed decision.

Brackenwood windows:

  • Are A-rated for energy efficiency
  • Offer a wide range of wood effect finishes
  • Have unlimited colour options
  • Come with an Arched head, Bay, or combination solutions
  • Have authentic Astragal bars
  • Come with traditional furniture options

The result? – The best-of-both-worlds; a blend of the timeless class of the old and the convenience of the new. At Brackenwood, we put homeowners first. We ensure that our windows fit the planning regulations required for your home as well as your own comfort and safety.

Brackenwood provides a range of windows including Casement, Flush Casement, Bay and Bow, Tilt and Turn, and Sliding Sash double glazing across South of England including; Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and Dorset.

Want to find out more about Brackenwood’s double-glazed windows? We can answer any questions you may have about Sliding Sash windows.

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