Why You Should Always Use Double Glazing In Your Conservatory

When wanting to extend their home, more often than not homeowners will choose to install a conservatory rather than a single-storey extension. From the quicker installation time to the decreased overall cost, it is easy to see why so many decide to go for a conservatory, but when doing so, it is so important to use high-quality double glazing. Of course, if the majority of the structure is going to be glass then this really isn’t something that you should overlook. 


Even though there are a number of different solid roof solutions available nowadays, glass roof conservatories remain the most popular choice and when you turn to a conservatory company with good glazing options, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose glass. If you’re considering installing a conservatory and you’re wondering why it is so important to use double glazed windows and conservatory roof panels, keep reading today. 


Improve the temperature control of the space 


This is arguably one of the biggest benefits of opting for double glazing in your conservatory. Due to the fact that there is a layer of Argon gas inside double glazed windows and roof panels, you will benefit from an additional layer of insulation. This will help you to keep the conservatory warm during the cold winter months and cool during the scorching summer months. 


Keep your energy bills from rising 


Not only will double glazed windows and roof panels help to make the conservatory a usable and comfortable living space all year round, but they will also help to prevent higher energy bills. Whilst you will be paying to heat an additional space, you can trust that it will be much cheaper to do so with double glazing rather than single glazed windows and a polycarbonate roof. 

Prevent loud outdoor noise disturbing you 


As you may already know if you have ever been in someone else’s conservatory, they aren’t always good at blocking out noise. Thankfully, double glazing can also help with outdoor noise,  even if it’s raining heavily, and it is known for its noise reduction capabilities. Contrary to popular belief, some glass conservatory roofs actually have extraordinary sound absorption properties.


Reduce common issues with condensation


Unfortunately, condensation is another problem that homeowners commonly face in their conservatory, but again, double glazed windows and roof panels can make a big difference in this regard. You won’t have to worry about condensation forming whenever saturated air hits your cold glass conservatory because this type of glazing has much better insulation. 


Don’t compromise on natural light for insulation 


Instead of opting for a solid roof conservatory to avoid many of the frequent problems associated with low-quality non-insulated glass conservatory roofs, when you choose double glazing, you really can have the best of both worlds. You can combat the vast majority of these problems and still enjoy a beautiful space that is full of natural light. 


More affordable than people assume 


When choosing a conservatory because it is more affordable than extension, many won‘t want to pay more for double glazed windows and roof panels, but it isn’t as expensive as homeowners usually assume. Not only will it be incredibly cost-effective in the long run, but with a number of finance options available too, it won’t break the bank upfront either. 


Finding a conservatory company in Hampshire 


All in all, there is no denying that installing a conservatory is incredibly beneficial and it can provide you with a bright and airy space for you and your family to enjoy. However, when deciding which glass to use on the roof and which windows to install, it is definitely important to opt for double glazing. You can guarantee that it is always worthwhile investing in this thermally efficient glass and you won’t regret doing so.  


If you’re looking for a conservatory company in Hampshire who can assist you further, we will gladly help here at Brackenwood. From organising planning permission and creating the perfect design all the way to the final installation phase, our experienced team are here to guide you through your dream home journey. You can guarantee our advanced technology, insulation and thermally efficient glass will help to ensure that your conservatory is usable all year round too, so you won’t need to worry.