Are Bi Fold Doors Going Out of Fashion? 

Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold doors, also known as Folding doors, are undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home. Allowing plenty of natural light to filter in, they provide a flawless connection between a homeowner’s indoor and outdoor spaces. However, more recent reports have circulated around whether bi fold doors are still a popular choice for installations, so we wanted to put help alleviate any worries you may have about your new build. 

Despite articles to the contrary, the bi fold door market is still going strong, with this type of installation remaining one of the most popular choices for homeowners. At Brackenwood, for example, bi fold doors are one of our most sought-after installations, adding value to our customers’ properties all over the UK.  

So, where did bi fold doors come from and what do they mean for my home? 

A Brief History of Bi Fold Doors 

These doors have been compared a lot to the immensely popular Sliding Door installation. This was highly sought after during the 1950s and ’60s. Purchased frequently for decades, sliding doors became a staple of homes with patios, where homeowners wanted to make the most of modern technology to effortlessly open their homes and embrace their outdoor spaces.  

However, homeowners soon sought out an alternative to the sliding door that would open the space up even more and “do away” with that ‘trip step’ frame found commonly in homes with a ground-floor garden. Homeowners also wanted to ensure that they had the maximum visual advantage, so, the bi fold door was born. Their popularity grew in the 21st century as they offered up a new option for homeowners to maximise their spatial potential with an aesthetically pleasing aspect. Whilst sliding doors were important for their aesthetic benefits, their functionality was often not as efficient. Bi fold doors were very often more durable, featuring more hardware and high-tech specifications. 

Why Might Bi Fold Doors Be Going Out of Fashion? 

There are a few reasons that some people use to suggest bi fold doors are going out of fashion. They do not use as much glass in their design as sliding doors. While sliding doors have slimmer frames, though, bi fold designs are more durable and feature more hardware. 

That means you will get better security for your home, with multi-point locking systems. The in-line slider also makes crowbars useless. Additionally, sliding doors cannot disappear into the corner of the room like a bi fold model can, meaning you will open your home to nature without exposing you to any threats. 

Another issue some have with bi fold doors is their cost. Admittedly, they can seem like an expensive investment at first. Other options, such as French doors, cost a little less. However, you will not add as much value to your home, and you will get a design that offers inferior performance. 

Modern bi fold doors use advanced double glazing, and a choice of either durable uPVC or robust aluminium frames. Not only that, but the design of these doors is proven to raise your home’s property value, so you could benefit from a higher sale price should you decide to move on. 

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Bi fold doors also have everything you need to open your home to modern living. With uPVC or aluminium frames, you will create an efficient entry which can replace a wall of your home without leaving you out in the cold. The slimline design leaves no obstructions for the glazing section either, meaning you will get uninterrupted views of the outside world. 

And, although bi fold doors are brilliant when open, they are just as impressive shut. That is because you will get a fully weatherproof door that’s air and water-tight, keeping you warm and saving you money on energy bills! 

So, Why Are Bi Fold Doors a Great Option for My Home? 

Space –saver 

Bi fold doors deliver the utmost in practicality. With the ability to fold back the design into a neat stack, this door style allows your guests and family to move seamlessly between spaces. With different configurations and numbers of panels, it may also be possible to have different thicknesses of the stack. However, no matter the number of doors, with Brackenwood’s clever designs and robust, double, or triple glazing, you can rest assured that bi fold doors will remain the ultimate space-saving option for your home. 

Versatile configuration 

Bi fold doors can be altered to suit your design style or need for functionality. Brackenwood bi fold doors come in a range of setups. You may wish to choose slimmer panes of glass and have more of them. Or, you may want to have thicker doors and fewer panels in total. Customisable, these doors can open in two ways: a concertina of panels that open from one side to the other, or with a French door style. The latter has two concertinas opening in the middle and folding back away from one another. 

Accessible for all 

Bi fold doors are very accessible for everyone. Easy to move about and fold back thanks to their robust hardware, they provide an effortless alternative to the sliding door. The folding mechanism of a bi fold also has a great advantage over the sliding door, because it folds back into a much smaller space away from the door frame. This means that the opening between your internal and external spaces is more complete and makes the space very practical. 

Aluminium doors provide a lightweight option that helps movement function more smoothly. With more panels, comes a greater weight. However, with robust fittings that make movement seem easy, even a larger number of panels can be folded back simply. 

Energy Efficient 

Bi fold doors remain highly energy efficient, making them an excellent choice for keeping your home warm and efficient. Designed with comfort in mind, Brackenwood’s bi fold doors are made with double or triple-glazing. This means they retain heat and eliminate cold. This is done with Argon gas, which is pumped neatly into the chambers between the panes of glass. This makes the window unit incredibly energy efficient and repellent to the cold. 

Brackenwood bi fold doors also ensure that there is a tight seal between your interior and exterior. This is something that sliding doors do not have. This ensures heat remains inside where it belongs. 

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Brackenwood bi fold doors look impressive. No matter what material of frame you use, whether it be timber, uPVC or Aluminium, these doors are very impressive to look at. With our sleek, modern designs, and thin sight lines, the look of your new installation will certainly add value. This means more for you at the point of sale. 

However, if you are not looking to sell, then bi fold doors are just an excellent way to integrate your family and garden – especially during the summer.  

The Beauty of Brackenwood 

These doors are aesthetically pleasing and highly desirable amongst Brackenwood’s customers. Therefore, it is hard to understand why some articles are focusing on bi fold doors going out of fashion. More popular now than ever before, these are functional and now modern, and aesthetically beautiful doors. They allow families to make the most of their indoor and outdoor space. This is something we all now cherish more than ever since COVID-19.  

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