Things To Think About When Installing Bifold Doors

Whilst there are a number of different exterior door options on the market nowadays, from French doors to patio sliding doors, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to install bifold doors. This style of door really is a brilliant choice for any property and it is perfect if you’re wanting to maximise the unobstructed views of your garden and let more natural light into your home. Not to mention, they always look elegant and luxurious too. 


When deciding to install bifold doors these days, you will have so many different design options to choose from as well and instead of simply opting for an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, you are even able to customise your new doors to ensure that they’re perfect for your property. If you’re interested in installing bespoke bifold doors and you’re wondering what you should be thinking about in terms of design, keep reading today. 


Where the doors are going to be installed 


As always, whenever you’re designing new exterior doors for your property, you need to think about where they’re going to be installed. This will have such a huge impact on the majority of the other design decisions that you make, so ensure that you know the exact location for your bifold doors. You can then take some measurements and start thinking about the number of panels you’d like and how big these panels can be. 


The frame material for the bifold doors 


When installing this type of door, you will have more than one material option to choose from for the ultra-slim frames. Commonly, homeowners will either install aluminium bifold doors or uPVC bifold doors and each of these material options has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is beneficial to look into each of these in more detail so you can start weighing things up to decide which would be best for your property. 


Which colour combinations would work best 


There is such a huge range of colours available to homeowners when they’re designing bifold doors and you can have absolutely any colour you want. You even have the option to have different colours on the outside of the door to the inside of the door too, and you can ensure that they perfectly complement both the exterior and interior design of your home. So, you should think about different colour combinations and what you’d like for your bifold doors. 


The configuration of the bifold doors 


Many don’t realise that there is an extensive range of opening configurations for bifold doors and you don’t necessarily have to have all of the panels folding to one side when open. It is possible to have bifold doors that incorporate a French Door arrangement in the middle and that fold back to both sides of the doorway. There is so much flexibility in terms of configuration and it is important to consider which would be most suitable and convenient for you. 


Any preferences for the hardware 


Similarly to all other external doors, there will be some hardware on bifold doors and there is a range of designs, colours and finishes available to choose from in this regard. Many bifold doors use a unique pop-out handle that enables them to fold back flat which is incredibly beneficial, however, if you’d prefer to have a different type of handle then you should think about what will work best with the rest of your new door design. 


Installing bifold doors in Surrey 


All in all, there are so many benefits to installing bifold doors and you can guarantee that they will be a brilliant addition to your property. Hopefully, by thinking about everything mentioned above, you can ensure that the bifold doors you design and install meet all of your individual needs, whatever these may be. If you’d like to speak with an expert company about this home improvement in more detail, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood today. 


We have many years of experience installing high-quality bifold doors in Surrey, and the surrounding areas, and we will gladly assist you further in this regard. Our expert team can work with you to design bifold doors that are perfect for your home and no matter what opening configuration you choose, you can rely on us to carry out the installation to the highest standard too. If you have any questions at all regarding designing or installing bifold doors, please feel free to get in touch with us, we’re happy to help in any way we can.