Choose the Right Exterior Door for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Different Types of Exterior Doors

Choosing the right exterior door for your home starts with understanding the different types of doors available. There are several options available from a range of materials. These are traditional Timber doors, newer uPVC, Composite, Aluminium, and Solid Timber Core options. Today, composite doors are highly popular. They offer a classic look and are durable and robust. uPVC doors are also low maintenance and durable. Aluminium doors are a popular choice for their strength and durability. Solid Timber Core Composite doors are great for updating period properties with a durable, yet traditional aesthetic.

It is also important to consider the climate when choosing an exterior door. For example, timber doors may not be suitable in areas with high humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations, whereas aluminium doors provide exceptional weather resistance and superior thermal and acoustic insulation.

Doors also come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your specifications. For example, at Brackenwood, we have everything from Entrance Doors, Composite Front Doors, Bi Fold Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors, and Stable Doors to choose from.

Remember: a well-made and properly installed door can increase the value of your home, whilst also providing added security and energy savings.

Considering Materials

When choosing a door for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the material. There are many materials available in the market, each with their own set of benefits.

Timber doors are a classic choice. They offer a warm, traditional look and feel that can compliment the architecture of almost any home, particularly period or Listed properties. However, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and are prone to weathering. At Brackenwood, our Solid Timber Core Composite doors are a robust alternative. These doors are durable – designed to look like timber, with all the security and luxury of a modern door. You get a substantial door for your money that will last.

uPVC doors offer exceptional strength and durability, making them an equally great choice for those looking for maximum security and insulation. uPVC doors can also be made to look like wood, without maintenance demands. These doors are cost-effective and widely sought after.

Aluminium exterior doors offer an affordable option. They are lightweight and can be easily customised. At Brackenwood, our aluminium doors are one-of-a-kind. With the option for biometric access systems, homeowners can choose the ultimate in luxury and design. Simply put, they are the best on the market.

Regardless of which door you choose, Brackenwood can paint it to match your home with our unlimited range of colours from our paint shop. Read this handy guide on some beautiful front door colours.

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uPVC Window Colours

Choosing a Style that Compliments Your Home’s Architecture

Choosing the right style of door for your home is important. It can greatly affect the overall look and feel of your property. Your selected style should compliment the existing architecture of your home to create a cohesive and polished appearance. Traditional styles like our Stable doors are great for the rear entrance of period properties. Sleek and contemporary designs using aluminium or composite are great for more modern homes.

Whatever your preference, Brackenwood has countless options to choose from. To ensure that you select a style that will work well with your home’s architecture, consider looking at doors that have been fitted in similar homes in your area. Visiting new housing developments may give you inspiration and ideas for different styles of exterior doors. Taking pictures on your smartphone of different styles can help you visualise how a particular style of door may look on your home. Remember, the right style of door can significantly increase your home’s kerb appeal and overall value.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Choosing an door that offers good energy efficiency is essential to reduce your utility bills and improve the overall comfort of your home. Brackenwood’s doors are designed to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, which can save you money on your energy bills.

As a member of the British Fenestration Rating Council, Brackenwood customers can rest assured that their doors – no matter the material – are covered by the rainbow energy efficiency certificate as proof that our products will perform as promised.

Considering the Level of Security Offered by the Door

Your door not enhances the look of your home. However, it is also the first line of defence against potential intruders. Therefore, security should be a top priority when choosing a door for your home. When considering security, you should look for doors with high-quality locking mechanisms. This includes deadbolts, and multi-point locks that will prevent forced entry. Additionally, reinforced double glazing is also essential in preventing home intrusion.

By selecting a door that offers high-level security measures, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are protected. Never compromise on security when making a decision to choose an door for your home.

Brackenwood’s doors all come with multi-point locking systems and our entrance doors are fitted with deadbolts to ensure that your doors are designed and built for safety.

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Thinking About Maintenance and Durability

When choosing an door for your home, it is important to consider the level of maintenance and durability. Look for materials that are resistant to moisture and weather. These can be uPVC, Composite, and Aluminium, which require minimal upkeep over their lifetimes. Not only are these materials low maintenance, but they are also durable. They are also less likely to warp, rot, or suffer other forms of damage.

It is important to remember that the materials used will affect the durability, insulation, and security of your home, which are all important factors to consider. By choosing a low maintenance and durable door, you can save money on maintenance and replacement costs in the long run, as well as enhance the overall value and beauty of your home.

The beauty of Brackenwood is that our doors come with a ten-year guarantee to make sure you are covered for the duration of your door’s life.

Choosing the Right Size and Configuration for Your Entryway

Choosing the right size and configuration for your entryway is crucial when selecting a door. A poorly fitted door will not only look unattractive but also lead to cold drafts, which can increase energy bills. Therefore, it is important to measure your entryway carefully. Our team can do this for you to make sure that we have the correct requirements.

You may want a new conservatory fitted, or bifold, or French doors. This will require additional building work, which is something you need to consider in relation to your budget. With the right measurements and configuration, however, you can ensure that your door compliments your home’s architecture, adding to its long-term value.

Deciding on Appropriate Fixtures and Fittings

When selecting your door hardware and accessories, it is essential to consider functionality, security, and design. The hardware and accessories you choose can have a significant impact on the overall look of your entrance, so it is important to find options that compliment your door’s design.

You need to select a lock that meets your security needs, whilst still allowing for easy access. Hinges should be strong and durable to handle the weight of your door. Handles and grips should be comfortable to use.

At Brackenwood, our fixtures and fittings come in a range of styles. These include handles, locks, hinges, peepholes, door knockers, kickplates, and more.

Composite door handles and knockers

Considering Your Budget and Available Financing Options

Choosing the right door for your home also comes down to your budget and available financing options. Before starting your search, it’s important to identify your budget and stick to it. Consider financing options that can help you afford the door you need, like Brackenwood Smart Pay.

Keep in mind that opting for a cheaper door may end up costing you more in the long run if it lacks durability, energy efficiency, or security. It is better to invest in a high-quality door that meets your needs and matches your home’s style rather than settling for a lower-quality option from an untrusted provider. Factor in the cost of installation and any additional hardware or accessories you may need. You can do this by chatting to a member of our team to get a quote, today. By planning ahead and identifying your budget and financing options, you can make an informed decision and choose the right exterior door for your home.

Working with a Reputable and Experienced Contractor or Supplier

Finally, when it comes to choosing and installing your exterior door, it is essential to work with a reputable and experienced contractor or supplier, like Brackenwood. We have thousands of five-star reviews, and over 30-years of experience.

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Take the time to make the right choice for your installation project, and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and functional new exterior door from Brackenwood. At Brackenwood, we have an extensive range of installations to choose from. Contact us to find out more about how we can help transform your home, today.