Time to Replace Your Door

Replacing the front door can seem like a daunting task. There’s plenty to consider such as pricing, measuring and finding the right materials, and even then you’ve got to arrange getting it fitted or installing it yourself. It’s probably no surprise that plenty of people put off getting a new door fitted because of those many reasons, but we’re here with a list of telltale signs that it’s time for a replacement.

There are several points to consider when looking to replace a door, but the main three are that it should be secure, resilient and energy-efficient. If your door is failing on anyone of those three, it’s probably time to search for a replacement.

So here are some telltale signs that it’s time to replace your front or back door.


If your house is feeling draughty, you are likely losing heat and an old front or back door could well be the issue. If your door isn’t fitted properly, has come loose, or it uses older materials, you could lose up to 15% of the heat in your home through the front door. Unfortunately, doors wear down and lose their shape over time through repeated use, so it’s not something that you might notice overnight. Before you know it, you’re losing heat through both the front and back door and having to replace both in one go.

The best way to check where you’re losing heat is by using a lighter. Wave the flame around the edges of your door and look for the flame to flicker or pull towards the door. This is the air in your house pushing out through the gap which not only costs money but also makes your home colder.

Wear and Tear

General wear and tear is pretty much unavoidable. Your front and back doors are the most commonly used in the house, protecting your home from the elements and taking all manner of knocks and bumps daily. While it isn’t cost effective to replace a door as soon as it ends up with a mark or ding, you equally don’t want to leave it too long if your door is looking particularly beat up.

Particularly things to look out for include;

Worn down paint

Depending on how old your door is and what type of material it’s composed of, there’s a good chance it’s painted. Paint or colouring wearing down on a door is a clear sign that the rain and wind are proving too much. If it’s caught relatively quickly, a new lick of paint or protective materials should do the trick. If the weather has been left to do a number on it, there’s a good chance the material is not as strong or as safe as it once was, meaning you should look to get a replacement as soon as possible.


Both wooden and uPVC doors can warp over time if they are made from particularly cheap materials, leading to the aforementioned issue with draughts entering the house. A warped door can also be less secure, providing an opportunistic thief with a simple way to get the door open. A telltale draft will let you know if your door is slightly warped, but you can often easily spot it at the bottom. Warping can sometimes be fixed by readjusting the bolts, but if this fails it’s time to consider a new front or back door.

Loose Fixtures

It starts with a few squeaks, progresses to feeling a little wonky when opening and closing and then before you know it the door is flying off its hinges. Loose fittings and fixtures can often be remedied with a simple tighten up, but if it’s an issue that continues to persist, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Mold & Moisture

Over time, the sealant that protects the double-glazing in windows can wear away, exposing the glass to the moisture outside. Once the deal is broken, it’s likely your windows will fall victim to moisture and inevitably mold. Mold can be a real pain to get rid of once it makes its way inside the glass, as it requires repeated cleaning and likely a reseal. If the problem persists, it’s probably time to consider a new door that’s a little more efficient in protecting against moisture.

These are just a few of the different markers you should look for when deciding if you should replace your door or not. With over twenty years of experience in finding and fitting new doors for our customers, Brackenwood has the experience and expertise to find the perfect door for your home, so please visit our website today if you would like to see our excellent range of doors, windows, conservatories and rooflines.

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