Why Coloured Composite Front Doors Are So Popular

Traditionally, when installing a new front door homeowners would opt for either a brown timber door or a white uPVC door, and these were two of the most commonly seen designs at all types of properties. However, this is no longer the case. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to install composite doors instead and these are now known for being weather resistant, thermally efficient, low maintenance and incredibly secure. 


As well as opting for a new material for their entrance door, lots of homeowners are also moving away from classic colours too and it isn’t uncommon to see front doors that are different shades of blue, green, grey, red and pink when walking down the street these days. If you’re considering replacing your front door and you’re wondering why coloured composite front doors are so popular, keep reading today. 


Adds some personality to your home 

Unlike standard white or brown doors, choosing a colour will instantly add some personality to your home, whether this is a bright shade or something more pastel. You will easily be able to find a door style and colour that matches the look and feel of your home and also says something about you as a homeowner. When you choose the right colour, a composite front door will have the wow factor and get noticed for all of the right reasons. 


Complements your window frame colour

It isn’t just entrance doors that homeowners are adding colour to, lots of people are also experimenting with colour when it comes to their window frames as well. When choosing from the wide range of colours available to them, homeowners can ensure that their new front door perfectly complements not just their home and their surroundings, but that it also pairs really well with their windows too, making their home feel complete. 


Prevents natural discolouring over time 

Unfortunately, over time, it isn’t uncommon for some white uPVC doors to discolour and often, they will end up an unsightly yellow colour. Exposure to the elements, the sun in particular, can cause a bright white door to look worse for wear, but you won’t have this problem when you install a coloured composite door. The colour will look bright for many years to come and you won’t even need to worry about the colour fading either. 


Brightens up your home’s facade 

Lots of people have brick or stone exteriors to their home and those who paint their property usually use a light or neutral shade. Homeowners tend to opt for a coloured door to add a splash of colour to their home’s otherwise flat facade, and this colour can instantly make your home seem more inviting and cheerful. Due to the fact that you can have a more muted colour on the interior of the door too, many are more willing to choose strong colour for the exterior.


Improves the first impressions of your home

When pulling up to your home, one of the first things that any guests will notice is your front door and, for this reason, it plays a vital role in ensuring that your home gives the best first impression. By choosing a coloured composite door, you will be ensuring that people’s first experience of your home isn’t boring and that you’re catching their attention. A coloured door is always more welcoming than any run-of-the-mill alternative too. 


Installing a coloured composite front door in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey 

All in all, it is fair to say that next time you want to replace your entrance door, it is undeniably worthwhile considering a composite door instead of a timber door or uPVC door. In addition to this, instead of opting for a classic white or traditional brown colour, you should explore some of the different options available to you. You can almost guarantee that a coloured composite door will be a brilliant addition to your home. 


Should you be searching for a company that can supply and install composite front doors, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood. We provide homeowners with high-quality Glass Reinforced Plastic composite entrance doors that are available in a range of styles with plenty of glazing options and door furniture choices too. No matter what external and internal colour you’re interested in, our colour technicians will be able to match your requirements and when it comes to installing a new coloured composite front door, there really is no better company to turn to.